Los Angeles Kings v St. Louis Blues - Game Two

It’s Friday, and we had the whole crew in the podquarium (named as such for it’s glass walls and terrible acoustics – the new studio is almost ready, we appreciate your patience) talking puck.

We discussed:

* Gryba’s hit on Eller

* Braden Holtby’s great game

* Jonathan Quick’s play, the concept of confidence

* The Ducks (failed) comeback

* The Habs banged-up team

* And so much more

You can listen here:


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  1. Lol I was listening to this while reading this weeks Grantland’s NHL Grab bag and Jake said “Stay Classy”immediately after I read the Hockey Debate about saying Stay Classy

  2. Justine,

    If I was on twitter I’d respond there so your followers would know what a jack ass you are.

    1. There is no doubt that Eller was in a vulnerable position
    2. There is little doubt he was unconscious before he hit the ice… That doesn’t come from a shoulder to shoulder hit

    What you fail to grasp is that most head shots are unintentional but they are avoidable if you’re not looking to destroy someones career. Any hockey player has the ability to LOWER his shoulder to make contact to the body. This douche didn’t he went HIGH.

    My guess is you’re a Leafs fan.

    If you truly believe what you wrote …you are nothing less than a moron.

    • “Justine” really added to this.

    • Charles, who the fk names their kid Charles? Are u CharlesI, CharlesII, etc?

      Do you play polo, drink wine spritzers, watch ballet/opera, etc.

      What exactly is Gryba supposed to do, give him a love tap. You are taught as a kid, keep your head up going through the neutral zone, if you dont you pay the price. This aint ballet Charles.

    • I’ve been called a lot of terrible things in my day, but “Leafs fan” might be the most hurtful of all.

  3. i think because torts is so tortsy everyone talks about him losign his job, but he was in the conference finals last year and made the playoffs again this year. nobody is calling for peter deboers head after missing the playoffs this year.

  4. I believe under the new CBA that the ‘quiet room’ thing is no longer mandatory protocol for players who have had contact to the head. Can someone verify this ?

    Hashtag BackhandSelf.

  5. 2 games for Gryba, I was right on once again.

  6. Im 22, so ive grown up in the era where the 80s-90s stuff was still “ok” when i played minor hockey, this is the type of hit the defenceman are TAUGHT to step into, its a double negative where if eller goes and score its grybas fault for not stepping up

  7. You fellows totally forgot to make predictions on the Canucks-Sharks game! Tweet predictions before the game or else you need to collectively watch MDIII !

  8. So much hate for the Ducks wow. A team that was predicted to finish 14th of 15 in the Western Conference and there’s no love for them. You guys failed to mention how awful the refs were in that game. Had the Ducks had real unbiased officiating they win that game.

  9. Do goalies ever get called for diving ? Many goalies benefit from their “protected” status to embellish it seems…

  10. What are the names of your intro and outro songs? They are so freaking catchy. Oh, and I love the show. Keep up the random Simpsons quotes!

  11. Glad to see the love for St louis from the crew and I’m hoping they can finish L.A. in 5 games or less. My biggest concern for them is them going 7 games, winning the series, then getting knocked off quick in the second round. Go Blues

    P.S. Something that struck a chord.. I prefer to go by Joshua, not Josh.
    I am not a walking joke. Nothing makes me want to face wash someone more than when they crack on me then say, “I’m just joshing you!” Guess its one name that actually means something different when you shorten it.

    Joshua Turner
    Melbourne, Fl.

  12. Yes, I am a Habs fan.

    I feel like a hallucinating psychopath, because people keep claiming they don’t see a headshot. The initial contact, when frozen, from several angles you can see he catches his head and shoulder… Just because he caught some shoulder, doesn’t mean he caught less of his head? And it not being the principal point of contact… it was simultaneous. The wording of the rule bred alot of ambiguity concerning this hit.

    I think the NHL’s explanation, while worded pretty poorly (didn’t catch enough body???) was right. Gryba stepped up, caught him in the head. He wasn’t just trying to separate Eller from the puck, he was trying to lay him out. That’s fine, but he caught him wrong. Those things happen, but Gryba was careless and it resulted in the injury of another player.

    I think the call on the ice was justified, and so was a hearing. The duration of the suspension is where I’m confused… only because I thought the Ference hit was far worse, and it only got a single game.

  13. Impressive game by the Leafs, after their no-show in game 1. Gutsy game by Grabobski.

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