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Brian Burke was the front-runner for a long time, but I’m pretty sure this Brandon Prust quote just took the lead and won’t look back.

After the Senators/Canadiens game yesterday, Paul MacLean made the comment that if he were Eller, he’d be upset with “61″ (Rafael Diaz) for making the pass. Brandon Prust, your thoughts on his thoughts:

Here’s the question that prompted the answer:

What did you think about what Paul MacLean said about not recognizing the name of Diaz, and having trouble searching for Eller’s name, that he wasn’t even familiar with the players. Any thought on that?

Prust led with “He’s shown enough disrespect over there today.”


I feel the need to embed this after seeing @BonksMullet tweet it out as “Paul MacLean’s reaction”:

Also a fan of this as a reaction from MacLean:

Update: Therrien is also not impressed with the Sens coach, apparently: