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Brian Burke was the front-runner for a long time, but I’m pretty sure this Brandon Prust quote just took the lead and won’t look back.

After the Senators/Canadiens game yesterday, Paul MacLean made the comment that if he were Eller, he’d be upset with “61″ (Rafael Diaz) for making the pass. Brandon Prust, your thoughts on his thoughts:

Here’s the question that prompted the answer:

What did you think about what Paul MacLean said about not recognizing the name of Diaz, and having trouble searching for Eller’s name, that he wasn’t even familiar with the players. Any thought on that?

Prust led with “He’s shown enough disrespect over there today.”


I feel the need to embed this after seeing @BonksMullet tweet it out as “Paul MacLean’s reaction”:

Also a fan of this as a reaction from MacLean:

Update: Therrien is also not impressed with the Sens coach, apparently:

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  1. Is Prust trying to make himself into the trailer park redneck hero of the NHL or something? The guy just acts like a total twit every chance he gets. School on Sundays.

    • Or he pretty much nailed it.

      Loosen up, pal.

      • Oh I’m good thanks Hank, plenty loose. Prust has made an ass of himself by acting like a d-bag repeatedly over the last year. Used to be one of my favorite players, now he’s down there with the likes of Burrows.

        • What are you even referencing? Seems to play hard out there and has had a good season. If its a D-bag contest, Maclean takes the cake, that was a serious injury and he is definitely showing a lack of respect.

          • He was one of the lead ‘know nothing but I’m going to run my mouth a lot’ guys during the lockout. I gained a ton of respect for a guy like Westgarth with the way he carried himself, the opposite for Prust.

          • there was no disrespect only truth, the hit was legal shanny has to explain how ference got only 1 game where a clean hit warranted 2 games. sorry if eller didn’t realize he signed up for a sport where you can be hit and sometimes it hurts then he should hang up the skates period

        • RC, I’m sure that Prust really give a flying “F” that he’s no longer in your rod sucking blackbook. How about you go back to watching your gay porn and playing with yourself while on the ‘puter you wench?

    • There’s a difference between defending your player and just being plain disrespectful…and that’s what MacLean was with his comments….disrespectful. Prust’s comments are hilarious. So yeah RC, relax!

      • How was Prust comment’s not disrespectful?

        It was a suicide pass. Blame the guy who passed the puck, not the guy who pointed it out.

      • The Montreal Canadiens can never take responsibility. Prust says he doesn’t care, yet he takes the time to roll out an insult that might be more fitting on a playground. And anyone who says Prust’s comment was funny and Mcleans was disrespectful needs a boot in the face. Diaz is the one to blame as is Eller for keeping his head down. Mclean stated a fact. Grow up!


          • I certainly would like to, but challenging people on the comments section of a sports website pretty much says it all about you.

            Prust is gonna take a serious beating from Chris Neil tonight. Watch it, cry, then come back and tell us how tough you think Prust is.

        • Hey CB, I think RC is waiting for you to wax his tweezer dick…run along now bitch!

    • Speaking of “trailer park” rednecks, how’s your momma doing Bubba??

    • Scott Neidemayer made comments about this kind of hits and he was clear about it. The pas may have or haven’t been dangerous. Gryba has the right to hit him and of course in the playoff you want to hurt him, but then here comes the funny part. EVERY SINGLE PLAYERS has given thousands of hits and know what / how and where to hit. HE CHOSE the elbow in the face, nothing about the pass. Gryba had many different on how to hit him and it would have hurt anyways.

      Anyway montreal will end this in 5 games. already 1-1 and yesterday 2nd game showed who ended 2nd and 7th in the season.

      GO HABS GO

  2. I think Prust dropped his copy of the cliche book.

  3. That’s not even funny. If you’re lauding Prust, it says something about your sense of humor. That’s something an 8 year old would come up with, has Prust taken that many shots to the dome?

    Add to that the fact that MacLean is still a better player than Prust, and you’ve got a pretty weak quote. Don’t recall Avery calling Boudreau a “fat ****” being up for quote of the year.

    • Pretty sure he doesn’t have to agree with the quote to post it and say it’s a great quote … the fact that an 8-year old would say it is what makes it funny.

    • cool name btw … a 6-year old would use that as a comeback.

    • urmom, who shit in your cornflakes? It was a great fucking quote, and will be a TSN top 10 staple over the years. Drink some tittie milk son.

  4. I find Prust’s comments extremely offensive and await an apology.

  5. I just thought it was funny because he does actually look like a walrus with that mustache. That’s no news. I don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t care enough to get worked up about it. I’d bet MacLean doesn’t care either.

  6. How many people did NOT say exactly the same thing last night (suicide pass up the middle)? Any hockey player would say the same thing…beer leaguer or other. I guess Prust felt it necessary to deflect from the truth. As for his quote being funny…not at all.

  7. Prust is a chump. He was chump when he played in London for the Knights. He’s a chump now. He’ll be a chump when he wakes up tomorrow.

    • But you are more of a chump for taking the time to comment on his chumpiness. Plus he is a millionaire playboy. And you live in mom’s basement. I mean grandma’s basement. I mean in the library doorway.

    • Chump? He will fight anyone in the league and has won Grinder awards for both the Rangers and Canadiens. Its sad when people make comments like this. Time to learn the game a little better. The game needs more players like him.

  8. I hope Diaz passes the puck to Prust tonight.

    …too soon?

  9. Well, this is the most fantastic photoshop ever.

  10. Riff raf in here giving Prust the business. Only clowns are you who moaning over comments. We could argue back and forth, the reality is that a guy is concussed and lost teeth due to what could be seen as a bad choice by the Sens player…avoidable comes to mind. But fighting over the responses of the coaches and players is useless. Sens and Ottawa Sun are classless suggesting that either Lars or Raph were at fault. And to publicize and injury like the Sun did was horrendous. I expect that from the Boston papers…. but from another Canadian team who suffered their own kind of injuries this season, celebrating it against another team is just plain sad. MacLean would have done better to simply say I hope he heals quick. But, can’t get silk from a sows ear I suppose.

    • sure it is avoidable to not hit someone, but then it wouldn’t be a contact sport. He didn’t inted to hit him in the head, he just intended to hit him. I wish everyone would realize that you can hurt people with clean legal hits, in both hockey and football. They know the risk they are taking playing this sport. Also I wish the NHL would start penalizing intent not result.

    • Then I guess his teammate shouldn’t have put him in that position.

      I am so sick of Liberals blaming others for the mistakes they make. It was a clean hit. Period.

      To hear a 4th line speed bag like Brandon “idiot” Prust run his mouth because he’s too God damn chicken to actually do anything about it is sickening. Paul MacLean was a damn good NHL player, and has been an outstanding pro coach, and possibly the best coach in the NHL. Prust is a 4th liner who has hand his lunch fed to him everytime he fights.

      Montreal has once again shown how pathetic and soft they are. Can’t wait to see them on the golf course in a week

      • Wow you are the king of overstatement here. “..Best coach in NHL..” Ya, sure. But I will admit he DOES have the best coach mustache that is for sure.

      • 2 game suspension?
        Shoulder hit to the head?

        Yeah real clean hit bahahaha
        But what kind of comment do expect from from a meat head calling teams soft, your a joke

        And ffor those who blame a “suicide pass” just cause a mistake was made doesn’t mean its an opening for a dirty hit, keep that kind of mentality for the pig wrestling u for sure do on the weekends

    • I agree LarsRevenge. Maclean is the most classless walrus every. I am just glad he is not a seal because he would have rudely clapped his flippers too.

  11. Hahahahahahaha… good on ya, Prust! Who gives a carp what the other coach thinks?

  12. This is a concerted strategy by the Canadiens. Last night the players were all “we hope Lars is OK” amd Therrien declined to comment despite being asked 3 different ways. This morning they are all lashing at the hit and at MacLean’s comments. They want to influence the league’s decision to suspend or not, or they want to prepare tonight’s game. They don’t have the firepower to reply, but since Gionta and Pacioretty are also out of the line-up tonight, it opens the door to more energy players. Not sure it helps the Habs to win the series.

  13. I’m not trying to start anything but for all those criticizing the hit – every single NHL commentator and expert has stated that the Gryba hit was clean. It was a horrible outcome, yes, but there is next to no contact with the head of Eller throughout it, most of the damage was done when he landed face-first. I hope he heals quick, but at the same time you can’t attack Gryba and say he made a bad decision – if he doesn’t make that check, the Canadiens can easily have an odd-man rush. That’s the sport and you’ll never take those clean, hard hits out of it completely.

    • Well…finally some one who understands what is going on …..well put Daniel…wish more posters would do their home work before spouting off…well said SIR…..

    • “every single NHL commentator and expert” agree huh? Ever heard of group think? Plus, they are all scared of Don Cherry and being on the opposite side of his opinion. Cherry, I hope will have some class.

      Glen Healy, the former shitty goaltender and fired NHLPA staffer, was the first to blame DIAZ for a bad pass. And everyone jumps in. Give me a&*^ing break. Logic like that means that anyone who gets injured by a hit, or whatever, can blame someone else for it.

      Grow some nards Ottawa. Lars was gooned, it was dirty, it could have been avoided, and the Sens were lucky they got away with a win.

  14. Good top see our nhl hockey players can be 15 year old bullies. Making fun of someone’s weight and the fact they wear eye glasses – Yes that is pretty cool in 2013.

    Why do ignorant jerks like this have the ability to speak. He should be fined for being a bad role model for those who watch him – the kids.

    Bullying is bullying even when it is childish and redneckish. Typicality Montreal Hockey Player.

    • Bullying??? Bullying??? Do you even have a clue about hockey? Half the game is intimidation you dolt. This is the most pansy assed comment of all time. I wish I could give you some award.

      PS. I am sorry for bullying you with this post. You are not a walrus.

  15. Sticks and stones Prust… you don’t like it , then go for some sort of retribution out on the ice and do your job and stand up for your team mate oh but wait you should have done that right after it happened.

    • except he wasn’t on the ice…
      Galchenyuk went after Gryba but he is a 19 year old kid, and Gryba can kind of defend himself. I guess the Habs should hire you to protect them against the Charas and Lucics of this world. How big are you Chris ?

      • I’m not in the NHL LOL, not my job but I certainly would if I was. I’m big enough, 6’1 and 220 pounds. I can handle myself and I stand up for my teammates in mens league all the time. Martin happens to be last name… coincidence?

        • Good for you. The Habs could use you, and I believe Prust will take care of business tonight, will see.

          • Yes I would expect to see Prust a little ticked off tonight as well as the rest of the team, should see some more fire in there tonight. Gonna be a good one.

        • Men’s league rec hockey?! LOL yeah that’s comparable. It’s not even contact hockey.

        • OOOOOOH you big stand up man in men’s league, coming to the aid of your team mates. Give me a break, ankle skater.

  16. and besides that ain’t Galchenyuk’s role… good on him for stepping up tho but somebody else should have been stepping in.

  17. Gorges would do it but he doesn’t have ideal size. The other 2 on the ice were Daiz and Gallagher, even smaller.

    2 games for Gryba, I was right on once again. Can’t believe all the “hockey play” BS that we heard since yesterday. Hit hard but hit clean.

    • It was a clean hit, which is why you kept hearing all the hockey play talk from commentators, former refs, etc. This was a PR move helped out by Gryba not being a star player. If Shea Weber had made this same hit, would he have gotten suspended?

  18. Really not sure how a guy with the chin the size of Prust, and a face only his mother could barely stand to look at, has the right to comment on someone else’s apperance

    Prust was a dressing room cancer in Calgary, Phoenix and NY. Looks like he’s back to doing the same in Montreal

  19. Yea Prust is a piece of shit. Paul Maclean said it how he saw it, and he’s allowed to have a fucking opinion. Attacking his physical appearance? What the fuck is this grade 4?

    As an outside fan of neither team I feel the hit was just unlucky, and unfortunate for Eller, but really not a dirty hit. Just how I saw it.

  20. That is a fair characterization.

  21. You guys have too much time on your hands. Your impotent verbal ejaculations prove that you are no better than Prust or Maclean, just much poorer. An “unlucky” hit? Give me a break. Anyone who has ever played hockey and has hit anyone knows that it was a cheap shot and could have been avoided by 1. Hitting him shoulder to shoulder or 2. Missing him altogether.

    If Maclean had any balls, he would have said he sent his goon out to hurt someone because PK Subban laid one of the best hits of the year on Neil, and that they were looking for retribution. I think I saw Maclean’s relatives on the pier in San Francisco when I when eating at Bubba Gump’s restaurant.

    Cheap shot artist. Brendan Shanahan, the final judge, saw it and such. Enough said, impotent ejaculators.

    • Haha someone’s bitter.

      I also don’t think you understand the meaning of a good deal of the words you employed in your diatribe. For instance, if our mouth’s were indeed impotent, as you claim, they could hardly ejaculate such verbal effluence as you insinuate.

      Then you think you’re hilarious because you use the same joke that Prust already used, in poor taste.

      You, fancy pants, are an idiot.

      • Got you again. Chill, stop spewing toxic ejaculatory effluent. My bad, you be impotent, thus no ejax.

  22. Did anyone notice the little Hab that went after the Sens player (he is such a no name loser I don’t know who he is and can’t bother to scroll up to find out what it is).

    That little tabarnac bugger should get a raise.

  23. Ron McLean, the self appointed seer of CBC and hockey in general and the knower of all things in Canada, just said that Prust should be suspended. But that chick on HNIC in the skirt who stands her legs apart on the set, said “Prust must have had a bad experience with a walrus.”

    I think she means 2 bad experiences now.

    Kudos to Prust for keeping a straight face while calling out the walrus.

  24. Who is this Truth Teller loser? Some of my favourites:

    “Too much time on your hands” – yet you have close to the most comments in the thread.

    “Ever heard of group think?” – yet you’re simply deeming this as dirty because of your allegiance.

    “Avoid it” – yet you praise Subbans hit on Neil… PK could have avoided that too.

    The whole ejaculation comment was well played by another poster already, that’s the funniest one yet.

    The hit was clean, Diaz pass and Eller looking down made Eller vulnerable. Gryba has no responsibility to avoid anything. Eller had the puck, he initiated contact shoulder to shoulder, tucked his elbow, and stayed on both feet. That’s more than you can say for PK, who jumped into multiple checks in game 1.

    Besides, lets make this clear, Ellers injury is hardly “horrible”. He has a concussion, and that can be significant, but the blood just makes it appear worse than it is. Some broken teeth and what’s said to be small fractures. Ice is hard, landing face first is going to turn out this way.

    Head up and maybe Eller can avoid Gryba to cover the dangerous pass Diaz makes. If you’ve ever played hockey then you’ll know, because its stressed at every level, keep your head up in traffic and don’t send passes across the middle in traffic like Diaz did.

    Truth teller, you commend prust for calling it the way he sees it. He’s right, MacLean does look like a human walrus. Maclean did the same thing with his comment. Both could have chose better ways to express themselves,and I’d imagine their clubs reminded them of that. Its hockey, its emotional, and sometimes people speak first and think second.

    Clean, great hit. Keep your head up, Lars. I doubt he makes the same mistake.

    • Pretty sure truth teller is commenting on his own inadequacies when talking about being impotent …

      Just like how ppl who make homophobic comments are repressing their own desires

    • Thank you for your lucidly attempted perambulations, however inchoately expressed.

  25. How’s he supposed to “keep his head up” while he’s tracking an incoming pass behind him? The “keep your head up” thing is such an obsolete and tired excuse.

    • He’s shouldnt be receving a pass in that area. He made the choice to do so and I bet he understood the risk involved.

  26. fucking awesome hit keep ur head up eller

  27. stupid fucken pass diaz awesome fucken hit gryba

  28. It was a dumb pass for sure. No one behind their own blue line should be making a pass up the middle of the ice. It should be along the boards or between the boards and the red circle on either side of the faceoff circles inside your own zone where they drop the puck for faceoffs. It’s a dangerous pass not only for the injury potential, but also it could be a dumb giveaway in your own end that could lead to a quality scoring chance. If you cough up the puck in your own end, which happens at times, you want the offensive team to be shooting at an angle where it is almost impossible to score, not straight on, where your shooting options are more (you can go top shelf, five hole, and you have more places to aim). If you’re at angle, your options are less. MacLean’s mustache is walrus-like, but he stated something obvious about the pass. Brandon Prust isn’t exactly the brightest bulb. I think he got suspended not so much for the actual hit, but what happened to Eller afterwards. If Eller didn’t get a concussion, facial and dental injuries and fall to the ice leaving a trail of blood, he wouldn’t probably have got suspended. If Eller was shaken up and returned the next game, I don’t think the NHL would have done anything. It’s because of the aftermath is why he got suspended. The opinion of what the fans, the media and even the players and owners themselves think is irrelevant. The only opinion that counts is what the league thinks, since they’re the law, when it comes to this.

    • “It should be along the boards or between the boards and the red circle on either side of the faceoff circles inside your own zone where they drop the puck for faceoffs.”

      Bwahaha. As opposed to all of the other red circles.

  29. Paul Maclean – i am the eggman and the walrus goo goo gjoob is something I found since we’re on the topic. I can just see The Beatles’ I am The Walrus version with Paul MacLean coming out soon.

  30. No hits to the head is one of the new nhl rules, even if Diaz made the pass to Eller with is head down. Gryba deserves the suspension. Just hit the player somewhere else

    • Exactly. Well put. That is the intent of the rule. Unfortunately, morons like that Ottawa player don’t, to quote coach Therien, “respeck” other union members. The NHLPA is to blame for that hit.

      I recommend that Fehr and Bettman have a pugilistic encounter to resolve the issue.

  31. lots of offended little bitches here…the walrus comment is gold…mclean should have just shut the fuck up…talking about the pass is just plain fucking stupid…even julien and chara after destroying pacioretty had more class and said they hope hes gonna be alright…

    • Well put, pedro. BTW, are you related to Diaz? But you are right, buncha wee pussies crying in here. Don’t shoot the messenger, tabbies.

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