Dustin Brown is one of many NHL players who makes their living “playing on the edge.” They’re tough, physical, and annoying to line up against, but their biggest challenge is keeping those labels while not hurting anyone or doing anything suspension-worthy. Brown was recently suspended for the first time for this. He won’t be for the above play, but man, is he after Jaden Schwartz with some ill intent there (he got two for a trip). Swing-and-a-miss on the follow-up elbow.

(via St. Louis Game Time)

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  1. Good lord if he connects with that elbow he must end up with an in-person hearing with Shanahan, no?

  2. Pominville missed the last two games of the season with his “upper body injury” after Brown’s elbow to the face. And after missing the first #MNWILD playoff game it looks like he’ll be missing the second: http://www.startribune.com/sports/blogs/205798121.html

    Seems to me that’s the behavior Shanahan was trying to trying to get out of the game through the Department of Player Safety?

    • You can probably thank EX King Rob Blake for limiting Brown’s penalty to just two meaningless games and no playoff contests…

  3. fans of teams that regularly have to play against Brown are not at all shocked by this statement

  4. Brown should absolutely be suspended for that. Not only did he knee him, he missed the elbow he was throwing to his brain shell.

    • For sure, I’d love to see him sit for two – after you factor in the “repeat offender” status.

      Matt Cooke 1.0.1

    • Full Disclosure: Wild Fan (Still holding a grudge)

      Agreed, I still don’t understand why players can’t be suspended for this kind of intent. They are actually rewarded for failing in their attempt to injure. This was simply a failed attempt to injure. 2 minutes?

      I know, I know, where do you draw the line. Just sick of the lack of respect some of these guys have for other guys means of making a living. The Ottawa hit last night was hockey. This one by Brown is just stupid.

  5. He should be suspended 2 games for the knee, especially since he was throwing the elbow at the same time. Next time it’s 10 games, this has to stop, there is no grey zone here.

  6. Huh, I didn’t know it was possible to throw an elbow and stick your knee out at the same time, but there it is. My question, and I think he asked himself the same question judging by how he immediately skated to the box with his head down, is, “what were you thinking??”

  7. In related news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, and water is wet.

  8. Kings are trying to keep up with Anaheim in the dirty play department. (says the Sharks fan)

  9. Thanks for posting this, it seems to be getting next to no attention in the media, unless I missed something (it’s possible, I only follow a few sites) and holy shit is that awful. Dude needs to cool it.

  10. He’s a Matt Cooke who just hasn’t found his Savard yet.

    • Well he was about 6 inches from finding his Savard. Really baffles me how this goes unnoticed in today’s game. The Eller hit got more attention because of how gruesome the end result was even though it looked to be an accident with an unfortunate result. Yet plays like this go unnoticed because there was no serious injury. The NHL just waits for someone to get severely injured before doing anything about it. Shame.

  11. I don’t agree with this not being a suspend-able offense because the elbow didn’t connect. The intent is clearly there. Why do they wait until someone is critically injured before addressing the problem? Nip it in the bud when something like this happens. It’s one thing losing a guy to serious injury on a collision like Gryba/Eller which is just a hockey play, it’s a whole other story when we lose someone to a play like this where the intent is clearly visible.

  12. Wow, I think they have to review this and give Brown a game or two. He could have wrecked the guy’s knee; not to mention the clear intent behind swinging the elbow. You can get ejected for an attempted spear or baseball swing at a guy, even if it doesn’t connect… how can this not be a match penalty?

  13. This is a penalty and no more.

  14. Semi Blues fan here, who was at the game last night/this morning (thanks east coast stupid tv people) Brown’s worst play of the game was apparent running of Elliott.. Earlier in the game.. No penalities on the play but a scary moment when Elliott when flopping to his belly, and the Blues players yelling for trainer Ray Barile…

    Then Brownie does this.. Once the Blues go up 3-0 on Saturday expect things to get way worse… (for most Blues fans, they still remember Dwight King’s goonery in last years series when he ran/boarded & hurt Pietrangelo who’m missed a game because of it.)


    • And Kings fans still remember Courtnall running Storr effectively ending his career and scoring the game wining goal on a concussed Storr afterwards. . . .what’s you point . . . Except to remind everyone that your team got swept last year . . . .

  15. Serious Blues fan here. Brown’s play on Elliott is in no way dirty. He drives hard to the net and hits the net as much as he hits Elliott. It’s a hockey play, and I’m a goalie so I’m all for dissuading forwards from going hard to the net.

    The gif above? Not a hockey play Just dirty.

  16. Brown is just pissed that he won’t be winning another Stanley Cup this year. Poor boo-boo face.

  17. The more I see Brown play the more of a shit I think he is.

  18. The game before the Wild, there was a similar play by Brown on Antoine Roussel. And the defense was “Oh, Brown hit his stick, the injury was caused by the stick!

    But again, he’s throwing that elbow at a player’s head. That makes 3 games now he’s targeted players head here in the last few weeks. THIS is what the NHL needs to be getting rid of, Not the play in Ottawa/Montreal…


  19. Brown needed to be suspended long ago. I was flabbergasted when I head via Backhand Shelf Podcast that the suspension he got for the elbow on Pominville was his first. He’s definitely one of the 5 dirtiest players in the NHL imo. He should have a record longer than Cooke (and I’m no Cooke fan either.) I like seeing forwards with a hard hitting defensive game, but he is way past “Borderline”.

  20. Brown was once a hard nosed player, but about 3-4 seasons ago he’s turned reckless. Why the league continues to turn a blind eye to him is beyond me… and that’s not even touching on his dives.

    Worse still, it seems the Drew Daughty is starting to play the same way.

  21. Will someone please , please run that sob . We all like agressive fast paced hockey but
    If he doesnt tuned in soon he is going to seriously hurt someone. Sneaky dirty is an understatement, i wonder if he gets a pass from league officials because he/they play in a ” stategic market ” ??

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