Brendan Shanahan is having some kind of busy playoffs. Looks like he’s going to have to deal with another one of those hearings pretty soon. Justin Abdelkader absolutely blew up Toni Lydman’s face with a hit to the head. Abdelkader got five and a game for this one.

On first look, this looks mighty dirty. We’ll see if the fact we’re in the playoffs dictates punishment.

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  1. Are you watching the same video!!!! He did not leave his feet and did not charge!! The hit made contact with the shoulder to shoulder then the head all legal, the referee standing righ next to the play made no call because it was a clean hit learn the game of hockey and watch the tape b4 you print your dang article

    • You are obviously blind or a wings fan. He charged and he left his feet before the hit. He will be suspended and you should get your facts straight before telling them “learn the game of hockey and watch the tape b4 you print your dang article” if anybody needs to learn the rules it is you.

    • You serious bro? Get some glasses, and a life.

      • Let’s see he has been suspended for two games which proves you know nothing about hockey, because when you charge and leave your feet, you get suspended. But what does the NHL know about hockey.. Learn the rules before you comment.

    • You must be one of the officials for this series. All over the Red Wings balls. He took at least 8 steps and left his feet and led with his shoulder/head.

    • If you think he didn’t leave his feet then your a die hard wings fan–dirty hit

  2. Wings fan here… I was the same opinion of the person before me, till now… I have calmed down. I don’t think it was a charge. I don’t think he left his feet till after the hit. However (I love the word however) he did hit the head first… Shanaban = 2 games. Wings = Screwed

  3. looking at this a couple times to me its clearly a shoulder to shoulder that endsr up on his head. yes he did leave his feet a bit and thus the charging penalty should have been called.

    i also find it hilarious that this is incredibly dirty to some when so many jumped to defend the gryba hit.

    wings fan, but this shouldnt deserve a suspension, barely deserved the 5 min major, but i understand why they called the 5 min major.

  4. Leafs fan here.
    You know, my first, gut reaction on watching this hit was “Damn, that’s a huge charge, blindside hit, jumped into it, etc etc”. Upon closer review, I…….don’t even know if this is suspension worthy. I’m comfortable with the call on the ice and leave it at that I think. It’s not even that bad of a CHARGE from the clip here, we can only see him winding up from the slot area taking 2-3ish strides. I feel like this lands somewhere between the extremes of 2 and 5+game for charging.

    I dunno, possibly a bit of head contact here as well, but not deliberate targeting IMO. Looks to me like a thought process of “I’ve got a lane, I’m gonna blow this guy up on the forecheck and create something”. Giving him a game feels a bit excessive, and anything beyond that is WAY too much IMO.

    • Sure. Doesn’t looks so bad because Lydman actually gets up. But analyze the intent here. He WANTED to HURT this guy; not take him out of the play. As a forechecking player, he made the conscious decision to run this guy over long before Lydman began to turn around. He made the decision to cause damage on a blindside hit. The check was upwards. What does that mean? High shoulder or head target. A low hit, without the feet leaving the ice at any time, would have easily taken Lydman out of the play without beig vicious. The intent behind the hit and the output, were both unnecessary.

  5. Ducks fan here…

    If it was such a clean hit then why any penalty at all…?

    Abdelkader left his feet at the point of impact, led with a shoulder to the head, and contacted a player in a vulnerable position.

    If the hit was on Kronwall you guys would be calling for a minimum 5 games…sheesh.

    • Agreed. Had Zetterberg been hit like this Detroit would of rioted and asked for whoever hit him to be banned from the NHL

  6. He DOESN’T leave his feet? Really? Are you kidding?

    My goodness, that was about as “Torres” as you could get – It was downright “Matt Cooke”-like….Don’t get me wrong: I like the Wings and I’ve grown to appreciate Justin Abdelkader and his play. But, sheeeeeeee-it, that was WAY over the top.

    4 games, minimum. Maybe many more…

    • I’ll tell you this: 20, (or, say) 25 years ago? Abdelkader doesn’t leave the ice on his own two feet. Totally chickenshit play. Dirty as hell.

      And if I’d have been a Ducks’ player, I’d have worked his head into the end-glass (a la Shea Weber) turnbuckle-style, until the linemen pulled my soon-to-be-semi-permanently-suspended ass off of him.

      What the fuck is going on with this league? It’s becoming completely gladiatorial…simply for the sake of viewership and market-share (?) Not right. At all.

  7. There’s no way that’s a charge. He’s skating in hard until Lydman gets possession of the puck because he’s on the forecheck. He’s gliding the last 8-10 feet into the check. I also don’t think he went in with intent to run Lydman’s head, but it happened and he definitely should have stayed grounded.

  8. Here is what I believe will be the Shanny Math

    Minus : blindside, leaves his feet, contact to the head
    Plus : stops skating before hitting, no previous history, skilled but not star player

    Result : 1 game

  9. Sharks fan here.

    Don’t believe you can call it charging when he’s gliding the last 10-15 feet into his check. I do believe however, as he’s coming in he’s thinking “I’m going to lay the big hit here and send a message”. I believe he jumps just at the last second to give his hit just a little more pop, and his momentum carried his shoulder check, glancing, up off his shoulder into his head. If he had just kept his skates planted it would have been a direct shoulder on shoulder hit and he could have planted him on his ass.

    I think he’ll just get a 1 game suspension since Lydman wasn’t knocked unconscious, skated off under his own power. and, I believe, Abdelkader is a first time offender.

  10. I am a wings fan, and at first sight i was like ” Abdelkarder you IDIOT” … but watching the video couple times, pausing at key moments, i dont see how there is a suspension coming. I am ok with the call because he left his feet, i dont think he left his feet prior to the hit, but he did power through the hit. That being said this initial point of contact was the shoulder, NOT the head. When the head is not the primary contact spot there should be no suspension.

    Anyone saying this was “extremely dirty” your idiots and should consider watching soccer or knitting. Hockey is quickly taking away everything that makes this sport great. This is a big hit that should have receive 2 minutes if anything, same as the Gryba hit.

  11. He glided almost all the way. Didnt leave his feet til after contact was made. Ref standing right there didnt call anything. Its pretty sad when when you get thrown out for a legal hit because a guy on the other side of the ice thinks it looks bad and brendan shanahan doesnt have the guts to make the right call for the same reason

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