Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators - Game Three

Hey friends! With the weekend behind us, it’s time to take a look back at where every series stands. …But mostly the Sens and Canadiens. We discussed:

* The White slash, Bourque elbow, MacLean timeout, and so much more

* The exciting Islanders

* Sidney’s return to the lineup

* Sharks have the Canucks facing elimination

* What to expect from the Bruins

* The Abdelkader suspension

* And so much more

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Comments (7)

  1. “I’m not sure where the contact was, but obviously it wasn’t a clean play. It’s something you’ve got to take out (of the game),” winger Rene Bourque said. (on the Gryba hit)

    But blatent elbows to the head need to remain, right Rene? what a joke this guy is.

  2. re: the PK yelling at Pacioretty issue – this tweet from Dave Stubbs who covers the Habs:
    Dave_Stubbs (Dave Stubbs): #Habs Subban & Pacioretty hate each other so much, Subban just did a 15-minute interview wearing Max’s sandals

    Sometimes when you’re close to people you can flip your wig and it won’t matter much. I don’t have any specific info about PK and Max, but I would assume that on a lot of NHL teams guys are close enough to be able to get over a little yelling.

  3. You guys didn’t seem too bothered by what Subban did to Turris. I thought that was the worst.

    • Ya Turris wanted no part of that. Kind of ridiculous, guess P.K figured they needed to win one of the fights as they were handled pretty well by the Sens in the other ones.

  4. A goalie who could potentially steal a series for you? And you didn’t mention King Henrik?

    Come on, boys! Lundqvist has been the only reason why this series has been somewhat tight to this point. If plays like he did in game 2, the Rags only need a couple bounces that go their way in the offensive end.

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