But by now, this doesn’t surprise you anymore. CBC’s montages kick ass. Enjoy, and remember, you have Tim Thompson to thank for that video:

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  1. That was pretty darn cool.

  2. Is this the first time the ACC is seeing playoff hockey? can someone check this…GO LEAFS

  3. Okay I hate to say this, but that song made the whole video…well, pretty gay. And I don’t say that as a bigot or ignorant kind of person, I just can’t think of a more appropriate word. The mood was like the playoffs just broke up with the leafs and they wrote a song to try and woo them back.

    • Well, that’s kind of the point. The mood of the city was more wistful than anything else. I thought it was really appropriate, especially with the iconic imagery on top.

      The JFJR shot wasn’t particularly necessary. And I’m sure they could’ve found a better highlight for the Sundin-era Leafs than the rather lame Carolina goal. But just seeing the Wregget stop again made me smile, since I was at that game.

      • (Wait, just watched it again and JFJR comes up while ” Weavin’ through trouble” is the line. All is forgiven.)

      • Fair enough. If it was my team I’d have preferred something a little more uplifting, but to each his own.

      • Dude its an important goal because it was literally the deepest they had ever made it into the playoffs with Sundin in the lineup.

        Semi final, game 6, last minute – and that was their last goal of the year.

    • using the word “gay” as a pejorative does make you a bigot. Get a dictionary and a thesaurus and you can find better words to use to say you don’t like the song.

  4. Look at 2:13 for a charge to make Abdelkader jealous!

  5. I couldn’t tell if they aired it to make Leafs fans pumped up or suicidal.

  6. Is it safe to assume that at 0:49, Ballard is saying something to the effect of, “Get outta here, ya damn hippie!”?

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