This looks more awful and less fun to me, but whatever. HUMANS.

This looks more awful and less fun to me, but whatever. HUMANS.

This is going to be a little bit different format than your typical live blog, because it’s not going to be painfully long, and it’s just going to include neat videos, .GIF and pics that surface over the course of the evening. Interesting internetty things, if you will.

For example, if you missed it earlier, here’s CBC’s Leafs-based opening montage.

Beyond that…this is what’s happening around the league.


This dude worked it

That’s workin’ hard right there. At ease.

His name is Scotty Newlands, and you can follow him on Twitter here, and check out his website here. (Dude, his website…just check it out, you have to.)


This guy exists

What an ass.

what an ass

Pic by The Royal Half, as you can see.


Thank you…Boston?

Leafs-fans chanted “Thank You Kessel” in response to the fact that Boston chants it when the Leafs are in town. As in, thanks for giving us Tyler Seguin and Dougie Hamilton.


Thanks, ESPN

(via Redditor searingM1)

(via Redditor searingM1)

They made an oopsie. Still, be nice to have Steve Nash on your team I bet. MVP, good Canadian boy.


Pretty standard

There’s a good number of quality Twitter follows from Leafs-land, but I recently had to pare my list of follows down, otherwise you end up with this:

leafs feeds

…and it’s not just during games. It can be an off-day, about any topic. Gotta be careful.

By the way, I believe that was from Rick City’s account.






And for those of you who don’t care if you ever sleep again, from our own Scott Johnson:


No call, stripes?

Refs missed a too many men call in the Rangers/Capitals game, spurring the creation of this pic with the follow-up caption “Let the boys play” from Russian Machine Never Breaks:


(From @MFiller90)

Hre’s the real pic:

too many

(From elgro)


Double birds

Redditor superiorz gives us this true hockey fan/true New Yorker:



Hey neat

Phaneuf had a big hit on Peverly…

…moments before the Bruins scored.

(From thermal_socks)


Forehand Shelf

After this Nathan Horton goal I tweeted:

I tweeted that because…wow:

(From apbenoit)


Apologies for the Leafs-centricity, but that’s what the internet (and my Twitter feed) provides. If I come across anything extra special tonight, I’ll be sure to add it!



It happened again, and Wings fans followed it up by chanting “You Got Kronwall’d,” which is awesome.


Not a fan of the call?

Barret Jackman, shown not necessarily agreeing with a referee’s decision:


Homestar Brunner

OT winner, Detroit!