Crosby loves scoring so much it's borderline creepy.

Crosby loves scoring so much it’s borderline creepy.

Last season during the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I put out a morning “noteworthy” column in the style of Trey Kerby’s “Things Of Note” posts on The Basketball Jones. This year I’ll be doing something similar (I think with some upgrades on my own previous attempts) using the NHL’s morning press release (“Stanley Cup of Joe,” they’re calling it), my own opinions, and some videos, .GIFs and appropriate pictures. Some facts are directly from NHL press releases. Hope you enjoy!



The Islanders did a couple amazing things against the hugely favoured Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday: they rolled over them out of the gate to take a 2-0 lead, then after relinquishing it and going down 4-2, they came back to push the game to overtime.

Then Crosby drew a penalty and the Penguins scored and the Islanders lost and *deflated balloon sound*.

NHL press release stat of the day:

The Penguins have won six straight road overtime games in the postseason dating to 2001. Only three other teams in NHL history have recorded six or more consecutive victories in road overtime games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs: the Canadiens (nine, from 1993 to 1998), Islanders (eight, from 1977 to 1981) and Hurricanes (six, from 2002 to 2006).

Oh, the Penguins are also pretty good on the powerplay:

The Penguins went 3-for-5 on the power play in Sunday’s win, including two goals in 19 seconds during the first period, to improve their success rate with the man advantage this postseason to 46.2% (6-for-13). Pittsburgh has scored at least one power-play goal in 10 of its last 11 games (including the regular season) and has netted a power-play marker in eight straight playoff games dating to last year (15-for-39, 38.5%).

Oh that’s not good

With the loss, the Islanders tied the NHL record for most consecutive playoff losses at home with seven. So there’s that.


Crosby had three assists on Sunday, giving him five points in his two games since returning. His career total in 70 playoff games is 95, fourth all-time in points-per-game by players with over 30 played.


The Senators beat the Canadiens in pretty much every conceivable way yesterday, running up the score to 6-1 (Paul MacLean took a timeout shortly after, because hey why not rub it in). When it was 4-1, the Habs were like “to hell with this, we’re not taking this lying down,” and decided to mostly get beat up off the next faceoff.

Lucky teeth

In game one of the Ottawa/Montreal series, Craig Anderson lost a tooth…then made 48 saves and was named first star. In Game 2, Carey Price lost a tooth…then made 29 saves and was named first star in the win. In Game 3, rookie Jean-Gabriel Pageau lost a tooth, and was also named first star after scoring a hat trick.

And that’s the end of it

There were some pretty violent plays, but I feel like it was stuff that should’ve been dealt with in-game by the referees.

Welllll, wait actually, let me walk that back a sec – this play below is awful and malicious:

Yeah, okay, that’s worth a suspension.

And then you’re left with…

Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators - Game Three

(From Deadspin.)

Wild win in Minnesota

The Wild shocked the Blackhawks in overtime when Jason Zucker put home the winner. The cool part for the Wild is that they didn’t just get lucky and take a fluke win, they came outta the gates like gangbusters. They outshot Chicago in the first two periods 29-17.

Lotta hawkey

Nine of Chicago’s last 11 postseason games have required overtime – they are 4-5 in those contests.

Lotta OT in general

Overall, there have been seven overtime games in the first 22 games (31.8%) of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Last year, a record 16 opening-round games (33.3%) went past regulation.


The Canucks are suddenly down in their series against the Sharks 5-2. Corey Schneider got the nod, which prompted the following quote from Joe Thornton:

“We felt Lou was playing great. We felt we were lucky not to play against Lou, to be honest.”

Alain Vigneault has a tough decision ahead.

Speaking no supplemental discipline

Via @AndrewCieslak, this proooobably should’ve cost Sedin a couple of bucks at the very least:

And from the NHL press release, here’s your “loose pucks”:

* San Jose forwards Logan Couture and Patrick Marleau scored nine seconds apart in the third period, one second off the franchise record for fastest two playoff goals

* NY Islanders forward Kyle Okposo kept the play onside and then scored on a breakaway for his second goal in as many games

* Pittsburgh defenseman Douglas Murray scored his third career playoff goal in his 60th postseason game. He has seven goals in 465 career regular-season contests

* NY Islanders forward John Tavares scored the game-tying goal, his first career postseason tally

* The Canadiens and Senators combined for 236 penalty minutes, the most in a playoff game since April 12, 1991

* Washington forward Mike Ribeiro was mic’d up when he assisted on Mike Green’s overtime winner in Game 2

* The Department of Player Safety announced that Detroit forward Justin Abdelkader has been suspended for two games for charging Anaheim defenseman Toni Lydman.

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  1. Bourque should have been suspended just like Ference. But I guess playing again tomorrow is punishment enough.

  2. How the hell can Bourque’s elbow not at least be a fine if not a 1+ game suspension? Not like it wasn’t a blatant elbow targetting the head or anything…

    • Because Bourque is a Canadien and Ference is a Bruin.

      I used to think conspiracy theorists were nuts. Now? I’ve had it. Maybe if Julien starts whining and crying like Therrien the NHL will give the Bruins cookies too.

      • You’re a joke, and not even a funny one.

      • If Julien starts whining even more, he will end up being a watery-eyed fat walrus.

        • I believe the reason why there is no supplemental discipline is that this kind of play was par for the course in that game. Bourque is guilty and should have been suspended but it started with Condra and his crosscheck to the face of Subban 20 seconds into the game. Carter did the same the night before, crosschecking Jackman to the face so he wouldn’t get hit.

    • Because the league is ridiculous and suspends based on EFFECT, rather than CAUSE.

      If Conacher had gone down with a concussion, or at least lay on the ice like Grabovski (after Ference hit), boom supplemental. Conacher stayed on his feet, no review.

      It’s a travesty. There were several plays by Habs (Gallagher, Prust, Gorges with the final slapshot at Turris) that should result in suspensions. You’re only encouraging guys to try and hurt each other if you don’t punish that shit.

      Oh, and I’m a leafs fan.

    • That dirty Bourque hit looks a lot like the one that he made on Nicklas Backstrom last year (that caused Backstrom to miss 40+ games.)

  3. That Bourque elbow was ugly.

    The Isles’ loss was ugly, too. They have got to stay out of the box, because 5-on-5 they’ve actually been the better team for most of the past two games. It’s one thing to lose to the Penguins, but it would be another thing entirely to lose to them even though you outplayed them.

  4. For my money the two most fun series to watch thus far have been St Louis v. Los Angeles and Washington v. New York.

  5. “the Islanders tied the NHL record for most consecutive playoff losses at home with seven.”

    Hm. I know the Kings lost at least six straight in the 90s (two to the Habs in 93, then swept by the Blues and Wings later in the decade), but I don’t think they got to seven since I don’t think they lost to the Wings at home when they upset them . That’s a really oddball record.

  6. The league just missed, figuratively speaking, a wide open net by not suspending Bourque.

    If you want people to take seriously the message that head shots have no place in the game then suspending him was a no-brainer. Can anyone really get upset if a Senator takes the first opportunity to return the favor and crack Bourque in the face with a flying elbow or shoulder? Police the game or the players will do it, Shanny, and you won’t like the outcome.

  7. Wow, unbelievable blatant elbow/cheapshots like Rene Bourque’s don’t get suspended and clean hits like Gryba’s get 2 games. good work shanny!

  8. Didn’t a bunch of players get suspended a few years ago for butt-ends off of a faceoff like Sedin pulled off there? He should get a game for that. Being playoffs there should be a hefty fine.

  9. Shanahan is a meathead.

    Canadiens are little guys trying to act like men. & Therrien reminds me of Vigneault. They both complain too much.

    Love the Walrus.

    Good job starting Schneider who hasn’t played in 18 days in a pivotal game. Hope Greasy Lou has a chance to play anywhere besides Van. Vigneault is another asshole.

  10. …turns out if you piss off a bug-eyed walrus he’ll call a time-out with 17-second left in a 6-1 game so you can smell his glove.

  11. God my team is just a big ol bag of fail. (Canucks)

  12. well, here we go again! another stanley cup playoff picture forming with no canadian team in the finals winning the cup, hmmm, lets see, how many years no with no cup win for canadian city to be proud of…..yeah, thanks again to gary b. and his american proud ny heart and his co-horts supporting him(not to mention the refs ofcourse…did you see the brutal calls tonight against ottawa resulting in, ofcourse the power play goals for the pens, hmmmm, just natural, no way., if the pens win the series, which ofcourse they will, my tv is going to be shut off for sure, i aint watching no stinkin usa team win the cup again! thanks gary b. for nothing!

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