Washington Capitals v New York Rangers - Game Three

Ola amigos. Four games last night and four tonight, which means we discussed:

* Kings at home versus on the road

* Brian Elliott versus Jon Quick

* Detroit pushing back

* The Bruins taking on in Toronto

* Mike Green heating up

* Montreal/Ottawa tonight

* And more

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (3)

  1. Blues/Kings best series I have watched in a lot of years. speed, toughness, ton of hits, overall good skill level… The comment in the pod about the winner of this going deep I would normally totally agree with. But the wild card in this deal; is the winner so badly beaten up and tired from this series that they will wear down before the end and go our earlier than maybe they should??

  2. @thirdstringgoalie counts the number of f bombs dropped. I think that the number of f bombs might be less than Jake’s corsi bombs in any given show.

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