Vancouver Canucks v San Jose Sharks - Game Four

The Vancouver Canucks have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That’s the simple fact.

The fun commentary on their elimination, however, is that the Vancouver Canucks got straight up swept by the sixth-seeded San Jose Sharks, never figured out their goalie situation, and now find themselves with a look of wonderment best summed up be a player from another team, Barret Jackman.

What? That happened?

That did happen.

What makes their early exit even more frustrating for them is that last night the OT winner was scored on a powerplay goal…when the call never should have been made.

You know what they say – the whistles go away in playoffs. The whistles go away in overtime. In overtime in playoffs, you have to basically commit a felony at center ice to get sent to the box, because the ref doesn’t want to have a hand in deciding the game.

…The ref had a hand in deciding the game.

Daniel Sedin went shoulder-to-shoulder with Tommy Wingels in a puck battle, and because he out-muscled his opponent, he was sent to the penalty box for mild contact boarding.

Off a zone-entry on the powerplay, Joe Thornton took a relatively harmless unscreened wrister that Cory Schneider couldn’t handle.

And Patrick Marleau scored another freebie with the puck just chillin’ near the goal line.

(Schneider also couldn’t handle game-tying goal when it was not too much to expect for him to do so, by the way.)

The call had a hand in deciding the game, but when you’re down 3-0 and in overtime, blaming a call for your exit from playoffs would be like me slipping on a banana peel in a race against Usain Bolt and blaming the produce for my defeat.

The Canucks are left with more questions than answers now, and appear to be headed in the wrong direction for a team once so close to winning the Stanley Cup. With realignment, their days of waltzing to a division title are over too. Some changes have to – and will be – made this summer.