The above video is being passed around the hockey interwebz this morning from the end of yesterday’s Islanders/Penguins game. There was a melee around the final buzzer, and a linesman, trying to get around Kris Letang, makes some minor contact with him. An annoyed Letang tries to put his stick on the liney – who he clearly knows is a liney, by the way – and give him a little shove. It comes off as Letang trying to crosscheck an official.

I’m well aware that it’s not cool to make contact with an official in any way, but stripped of it’s context – the crazy energy of that game, fights just starting, the contact between them and all – the play looks a lot worse than it is. I’m pretty sure this is the last we’ll hear of this. If not…yikes.

(S/t to @BobbyBows)