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Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in overtime to the Boston Bruins. CBC often had their cameras fixed on the Reimer family, as his mother and wife were side-by-side, suffering through each and every play with James, the Leafs’ tender. When teams provide the players with family tickets, they lump them all together. That means Reimer’s family would be in the same section as Dion Phaneuf’s girlfriend, actress Elisha Cuthbert.

After the overtime winner was scored, they cut back to the Reimer family, only to see James’ wife giving a look to Cuthbert, who promptly rolls her eyes and dismisses her. It’s a hilarious moment because you can probably guess what happened: the Bruins scored, Cuthbert made some half-thought out exclamation as all fans do (something like “oh you gotta stop that!” or “stupid goalie!”), Mrs. Reimer gives her the eyes and maybe says something, and…awwwkwarrrrd.

Some have theorized Reimer is giving Cuthbert the gears for her husbands’ bad pinch in overtime. I’d give that 1000/1 odds at best. Fan blames goalie, goalies family is nearby. Happens in every rink the world over every weekend.

(The other option: they’re mutually eye-rolling at another nearby fan. But I dunno. Let’s just pretend they were mad at each other because it’s the juicier gossip story and that’s fun.)

Here’s the video for more:

(S/t to @cjzero)


It appears it may have been a mutual eye-roll at a nearby fan who made a rude comment. Upon further review, a “how about that person” shared moment of disgust makes perfect sense. Less fun, but perfect sense:

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  1. No way Justin… if anything, Reimer’s wife is looking back at her like “WTF is DION doing going for the big hit there, causing the odd man rush?!?!”

  2. Goal may have never happened if phaneuf dosnt pinch, still a stoppable puck. Both boy-toys at fault.

  3. are you sure they’re not reacting to the chick in the jersey with the big beer who’s yelling in the back row

  4. Reimer’s wife looks back but Cuthbert isn’t saying anything. Most likely some random heckler in the stands which they share an eyeroll over.

  5. I could watch those two eyeroll at other all night, ifyoucatchmydrift

  6. think this is taken out of context. probably both upset at phaneuf’s play, and not mad at eachother. either way its funny lol

  7. April Reimer ‏@april_reimer 4m
    For those who were thinkin @happyelishas and I were rolling our eyes @ eachother. Was the jerk beside us #rudecomment pic.twitter.com/zcZ6bEgwdS

    Sorry about the ruined story Justin.

  8. April Reimer is on her PR game and has already responded on the Twit. https://twitter.com/april_reimer/status/332329184175218688/photo/1

  9. this seriously on backhand shelf?

  10. Damn, Reimers girl is niiice

    • Yeah, I loves me some Happy Endings but… Reimer wins. It’s always the church boys who get the hottest ones….

  11. Who are scarier? Hockey wives or mob wives? Just asking cause Reimer’s wife looks ready to drop the gloves.

  12. either way ,the leafs lost
    and they both suck

    and why are these idiots smiling when their team just lost and is trailing 3 -1!!

  13. Dion makes a bad decision. He’s out of shape and fails. Reimer should have had the stop. The defenseman also is at fault for letting the ugly B get so close to the net untouched. Trade the whole team for Crosby.

  14. Who cares. Both their husbands/boyfriends are shit and shouldn’t even be in the nhl, or ahl for that matter.

  15. Anyone else wonder why the captain’s fiance and the starting goalie’s wife couldn’t do better than reds?

  16. MAYBE they were rolling their eyes at the guy with glasses beside Cutherbert… watch the slow mo version: notice that when the guy with glasses stood up, both Reimer’s wife and the guy right behind her in plaid shirt looked up at him (why? MAYBE he was yelling something that they didn’t like)… then watch closely: after Reimer’s wife blinked she moved her head and eyes a little bit to her left –that’s when she made eye contact with Cutherbert… then Cutherbert rolled her eyes maybe as reaction to whatever the guy on glasses was saying…

    Just because you roll your eyes at someone, doesn’t mean the message is directly for the person in front of you.. how many times did i turn my back to my nagging mom and roll my eyes to my sister LOL.. it’s so much fun guessing what might have really happened :)

    • This is like watching the Zapruder film. Nice work!

    • i’m kind of shocked it took this much conversation to come to this conclusion. it’s pretty obvious from a single viewing that he’s standing up and yelling something ridiculous and they’re sharing a “who is this guy..” look

  17. She’s Elisha, Ok? She hosted PMK.

  18. Jake Goldsbie tweet about dealing with grief nailed it on the head

  19. Carlyle ordered a forensic investigation to protect his players, turns out the blonde bimbo in the leafs jersey doesn’t like gingers too much….

  20. Both of their hubby’s are to blame for the goal, and someone is probably cursing either/both of them.

  21. ‘But I dunno. Let’s just pretend they were mad at each other because it’s the juicier gossip story and that’s fun.)’


    Burke’s lawyer will feast upon you lol

  22. Wonder how many times Reimer gets that look when he doesn’t take out the garbage in the offseason. Also, it seems to help your chances with attractive ladies if they pay you money to play hockey

  23. I intend on using this to help me masturbate effectively.

  24. When puck bunnies fight! tonight on TMZ!

  25. how is this a story

  26. Maybe Sean Avery was nearby

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