Los Angeles Kings v St. Louis Blues - Game Five

Great night in the NHL last night, as three of the four contests went to overtime, and the other was a one goal game. We discussed:

* The Bruins poise

* What happened on the B’s OT winner

* The Kings take the series lead

* The Ducks have the Red Wings pinned

* The Rangers are making their series interesting

* And way, way more

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And for no reason, enjoy this because it’s funny:

Comments (7)

  1. I think the LA King have a really good chance to win again this year, But i would rather see the Bruins win.

  2. FYI whomever (Bourne?) made the comment during the podcast about Danny DeKeyser making the wrong play on the ANA-DET gamewinning goal…he broke his thumb a couple of games ago and did not play last night.

    • Does it feel like they watch a period and then determine the entirety of the game? Detroit DOMINATED the second period and it was straight up even by chances the rest of the game. Yet they are all commenting on how the ducks are just better. So confusing.

      • Because in the games Anaheim has won before last night, they’ve dominated. The games they’ve lost could of gone either way the entire time. If it wasn’t for Howard, Anaheim would of already swept. Ducks are better. They have WAY more depth and size. Detroit was had the edge till Anaheim started getting more physical and at the end of the game and in OT you could see Detroit was just worn down. Anaheim is better.

  3. i cant wait for Toronto to be eliminated from the playoffs so i don’t have to hear you guys talk about them for 18 minutes, mind you the first five was dedicated to v-necks. honestly take a lesson from the basketball jones and learn how to properly divide your content and maybe you’ll gain more international listeners.
    18 minutes on Toronto, 5 and half on LA/STL, 5 on DET/ANA, and 4 and half on NYR/WAS. no mention of the world hockey championship, France beat Russia today, no real system analysis, no insider news other than reimers wife giving death stares. you talked about new zealand for almost 2 minutes!? i know you guys broadcast from “the epicenter of the hockey universe” but not everyone cares to hear about how shitty O’Bryne is, we know he’s shitty hence why hes on the leafs and playing when Colorado, fucking Colorado, didn’t even want him. i know i choose to listen to it but please out of consideration to your listeners and true hockey enthusiasts, find a way to incorporate other/all remaining teams coaching decisions, personnel, systems, pros/cons like you do for the leafs.

    • if you don’t like the content, don’t listen.

      • of course but read the last sentence where i acknowledge it is my decision to listen to it. it is more so a plea to diversify their content. when the leafs dont play their overall hockey coverage is good, its when they do its like their school girls gossiping over why they love/hate them. if your a leaf fan you probably have no problem with it but as a hockey fan i would enjoy if they spent some time analyzing the other series/teams with the same effort and enthusiasm.

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