New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens

Okay, the title may not be a reference to Credence Clearwater Revival (try Bubba Sparxxx), but it should be. I messed up.

Peter Budaj (pronounced “Boo-dye”) is the back-up goalie for the Montreal Canadiens, and today we found out he’s going to be the Montreal Canadiens starter for the remainder of the first round, and likely beyond in Montreal survives.

Also, his name fits in the title of a lot of CCR songs, as Backhand Shelf Podcast host John Noon has occasionally pointed out throughout the season. Like, almost a greatest hits compilation worth. …Soooo he did a compilation.

Today just felt like the right time to prove it. Courtesy John Noon, here is Peter Budaj’s name dropped into CCR titles, because hey, why not right?


(Click to embiggen)

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  1. i’m just not understanding the humor behind this… i mean, can’t everyone`s name fit into the title of a ccr song? the content on this blog the last 12 hours…… fuck.

    nice try noon, stick to hosting the pod. let’s chalk this up as a swing and a miss.

    • get outta here.

    • the content of your posts in the last forever….f*ck

      nice try bud, stick to chirping over xbox.

    • Hahahaha… have fun being knocked out of the first round by OTTAWA!! AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAH….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH…

      Blue and white for ever, GO LEAFS GO!

    • Don’t worry, you understood the humour perfectly, in that there is no humour to understand. It’s a lame joke that’s done 30 times too many in this post.

  2. or just” Budaj” in place of Lodi.
    “Oh lord, stuck with old Budaj again”!

  3. I’m blue, da boodee da boodaj

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