Credit to @BonksMullet for the .GIF

According to Sens’ GM Bryan Murray, he’s been skating with the team’s black aces, which is step one to getting himself back in the line-up.

You can listen to Murray talk about Spezza’s deal here for more (stick-tap to @ChrisJLund).

Really, though, it’s just an excuse to share the above .GIF, which is Earth’s Greatest Thing. Also great: this video compilation we made of Spezza laughing last year:

I do love me some Jason Spezza.

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  1. Thanks Justin… I needed a laugh after last night’s snoozefest loss to the Penguins.

  2. Does Spezza fall under the “gets along with everyone” guy in the locker room? Seems like it.

  3. I love that the link to the interview just links to the Spezza gif again. Every link should link to that gif.

  4. that was absolutely magical. thank you justin

  5. Nice problem to have JS will help

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