Washington Capitals v New York Rangers - Game Six

There’s not even going to be a day gap in the Stanley Cup playoffs before round two, which is excellent. Today we discussed:

* The Capitals and Rangers going seven

* The Leafs and Bruins doing the same

* The Pens breaking the Isles hearts

* Detroit getting past Anaheim

* Round two series

* And so much more

You can listen to it here:

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  1. Interesting Marc-Andre Fluery stat I wasn’t aware of until today…
    In 07-08 When the Pens lost in the finals he was amazing .933 S% 1.97 GAA.
    Since then his S% has only topped .900 one time (in 08-09 when they won the Cup (.908)) and his GAA has not been lower than 2.52.

    The Penguins have GOT to be looking for answers elsewhere… If they aren’t then they need a change in philosophy.

  2. Good podcast as always. But concerning Ovechkin’s shooting percentage, can’t it be seen as a positive going forward, since he is still getting shots and his shooting percentage should regress to the mean?

  3. Your thoughts on LA vs San Jose are in for a rude awakening. San Jose had played very well against LA for several years and split the series this year despite San Jose slumping hard mideseason.

  4. Mike Green’s play has been mentioned in several of the recent podcasts. Might want to mention that he stopped being productive because he was 1) Concussed twice and 2) suffered a sports hernia.

    He was also terrible at protecting himself from big hits. He’s improved on that, and the system that Oates deploys helps on that even more. It’s not like he just suddently remembered how to play hockey, y’know?

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