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Eugene Melnyk is not just the owner of the Ottawa Senators, he’s the owner who put together a forensic investigation to try to prove that Matt Cooke intentionally cut the achilles of Erik Karlsson with his skate. He’s a bit out there, and a lot involved.

He also doesn’t seem to get how social media works, given the following tweet, which I’m sure launched 10,000 fire-packed tweets back in his direction.

The Penguins and Senators start their playoff series tomorrow night. This seems like the perfect way to kick it off.

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  1. “You are embarassing your city, team & players.”

    I am sure the irony of this statement was completely lost on him.

  2. Someone get DownGoesBrown on this one. The article practically writes itself.

  3. Bourne, how do you know the series starts tomorrow night? Got a sched?

  4. To put it in clinical terms – Melnyk is legit cray, right?

  5. From the man who brought you “CSI: Ottawa” comes “Law and Order: Unruly Tweeters Unit”.

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