Toronto Maple Leafs v Boston Bruins - Game Seven

But not much more. We discussed:

* Boston’s unprecedented comeback

* Blame for the Leafs or love for the B’s?

* Toronto going forward

* Bruins vs. Rangers

* The Rangers Game 7 destruction of Washington

* Series previews

* And much more

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Comments (13)

  1. I never believed in a perfect day until now. Watching the Leafs and Caps get eliminated in the same day… Just amazing…

  2. I’ve been waiting for this schadenfreude all morning. Sorry. I don’t even hate the Leafs. Just thought it’d make for good podcasting.

  3. lol goldsbie. fine you can be blonde yeomen that brings Kirk a coffee

  4. Can’t wait to listen to this one, sorry everyone not named Justin. Listened to yesterday’s this morning and I felt almost bad. Goldsbie, that pain in your chest yesterday was “hope”. Whoops.

  5. Between going to the Isles/Pens game 6 and watching the Leafs/Bruins game in the past few days, I have never oscillated from elation to depression so quickly in my life – and these aren’t even my teams. Who told me sports would be fun?

  6. I really thought all of Jake’s parts were just going to be of him crying. I applaud you both for managing to pull it together enough to have a podcast.

  7. Correction – Caps loss the MTL in 2010 was 2-1. Not all of their game 7 losses have been blowouts. Sort the thing that’s easy to verify before recording, no?

  8. How old are you guys that you haven’t been hurt worse than this? 93 was worse. Maybe it’s been too long, but even Roenick’s OT. This team wasn’t expected to get this far. It hurt in the moment, but it’s ok.

    • I thought this was worse than Roenick. I was admittedly too young to fully process or understand ’93.

      • For some reason I assume you guys are my age (i.e. mid-30s). I guess you just sound “mature”

    • I’m old enough that this one is 4th or 5th. I thought Roenick’s was worse due to expectations between that team and this team. Same for ’93. That one is top of my list… Now that all the memories have come flooding back once more, excuse me while I go assume the normal Leaf Fan fetal position in the corner of a dark room.

      Also, I was wondering what to expect from Jake on this pod as well. Full marks for coming through acting professional Jake. I guess John and Justin are starting to rub off on you in a good way:)

  9. Also: do your playoff prognostications for next year take into account for the new conferences and having the Red Wings in the conference?

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