During intermission of last night’s Bruins/Leafs game, Don Cherry was up to his usual routine with Ron MacLean. His focus – nay obsession – was on the Leafs lack of coverage of the points (which is interesting, given how many coaches would much prefer to have the puck up there than around the net, but anyway). His analysis of the play was particularly hilarious in that he didn’t so much analyze as he did watch the video and bellow “POINT!” every time the D touched the puck.

And thus, courtesy Scott Johnson, the Don Cherry POINT soundboard was born. We hope you enjoy.

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  1. You guys are my heroes.

  2. Hearing him say ‘point’ like 6 times after the 3rd period made everyone at the bar more pissed off

  3. That’s pretty brilliant. I’d like to challenge you to make OTHER Cherry soundboards though… it’s a rich greenfield of opportunity…

  4. But you’ve got to admit, the man has a POINT! Aahh, sometimes it’s too easy.

  5. This is just the best!

  6. Can we please get a Doc Emrick soundboard? Pretty please.

  7. why is this so fun?

  8. “What did you do for lunch ” “I ate hummus and played with the Don Cherry soundboard for 15 minutes, you?”

  9. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Fuck, that’s good. *throws money at you*

  10. I want one with all the “I like this guy, I love this guy, he’s a great guy”

    You can even play a drinking game every time you watch HNIC!

  11. does anyone have a link of this video, i can’t find it on youtube or on google anywhere

  12. Don i an very surprised that you would be in agreement to bettman and the leagues control of the out come of our most coveted honor . i never thought youy bea would sell out. but everyone has his price. some will take suits.and fashion.. I guess th only pure sport is the NFL

  13. is this Betman directing the outcome of the playoffs like the NBA. h
    He didnt get caught there someone else took the fall. Now he is trying to ruinin the Nhl. Does he not Know this is not the world wrestling asssociation. . i really dont think he cares . He thinks ths is a perfect time to promote Bostons disasters. He never cares if the best team wins. i would appereciate any ressponses

  14. don wear the fancy suit and keep your mouth shut and allow what bettman to tell you how things are did you lose your courage quit stannding up for Camadianings and real players in the Nhl

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