Jack Edwards is one of the best in the business. If you’re a Bruins fan, this is one hell of a goal call. If you’re a Leafs’ fan…here’s what you got.

(S/t @adater)

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  1. Oooookay, that’s enough of the Bruins/Leafs, thank you. Time to move on boys…

    • I’m a Bruins fan and I agree. Being a Sox fan too, I can sympathize with the way the Leafs snatched defeat from the jaws of victory – but how many more 2,000 word essays can be written, anyway?

      • No way! I relish every minute… there’s been pain in Boston sports in the past; without a doubt there will be again in the future (hopefully not the next-6-weeks-future) … but in any case, I’m just rolling around in this as long as I can.
        I think for Leafs fans there is the catharsis element, and what-the-hell-else should we talk about aspect – understandable.
        I can see why non Leafs nor Bs fans could tire of it.
        Finally – Jack Edwards IS awesome.

      • Oh, good. I was feeling a little like the old man yelling at kids for being on my lawn.

  2. The calm that comes over him after stabbing his hand is, well… priceless.

  3. Good to know that Leaf fans will never be able to forget about this and move on. Ever.

    I mean, it’s only been two days so maybe I’m being ridiculous.

  4. “Best in the business”?! He’s a complete homer tool without an ounce of objectivity. He’s even more annoying than Pierre.

  5. Oh my god. My kingdom for a playoff broadcast that has a mini video feed of the announcer like this the whole time.

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