New York Rangers v Boston Bruins

With the playoffs on the horizon, I wanted to put together previews of each series, but more specifically, I wanted to put together the type of previews I’d want to read. Bite-sized, few stats, and little splash of opinion for seasoning. This is my attempt at providing that.


4) Boston Bruins vs. 6) New York Rangers

Head-to-Head in 2013: One win for the Bruins, two for the Rangers, haven’t played since Feb. 12th

A stat: Two squads haven’t met in playoffs since 1973!


Goal differentials: Boston: +22, New York: +18
Shots-per-game: Boston: 32.4 (2nd), New York: 30.9 (7th)
Shots-against-per-game: Boston: 28.6 (13th), New York: 28.2 (11th)


BOS: Tuukka Rask: .929 save percentage, 2.00 goals-against average
NYR: Henrik Lundqvist: .926 save percentage, 2.05 goals-against average

Top scorers: 

BOS: Brad Marchand, 36 in 45 games
NYR: Derek Stepan, 44 points in 48 games

Reason to watch: Because these are two flawed teams and someone has to win, so it’s a lot of fun to see which group can pull it together long enough to advance.

Lately: Bruins beat the Leafs in seven, Rangers beat the Capitals in seven


BOS: 14.8% (26nd)
NYR: 15.7% (23rd)

Penalty kill:

BOS: 87.1% (4th)
NYR: 81.1% (15th)

Special teams evaluation: Boston’s PK is kind of okay. If the Rags can’t score on the PP, Bruins can play tougher, could get un-fun for New York.

Injuries (via “The Rangers have Staal (eye), Clowe (undisclosed) and Powe (undisclosed) on the sidelines. … The Bruins are missing Ference (lower body), Seidenberg (undisclosed) and Redden (undisclosed). Ference has been spotted wearing a walking boot.”

First game: Wednesday 7:30 p.m. EST

Flippant barstool opinion: This is going to go poorly for the Rangers and look bad on Rick Nash, because they won’t score much and he’ll assume the blame.

Closing thought: 

I feel like the Boston Bruins are the type of team that has the horses if they can get hot at the right time, and sneaking by the Leafs might have been just what they needed to get the ball rolling. It helps that they have a stud of a goaltender and the Rangers have had trouble scoring all year, so they don’t have to score a ton to move on.

Prediction: Bruins in five

Your preview:

Comments (7)

  1. surprised you took them in five considering hank can steal atleast two games and if ovi’s conspiracy is right wont bettman want this to go to 7?

  2. Hank can’t steal games if the rangers can’t put more than 1 in per night.

  3. Boston’s missing half of their starting D and the Rangers were among the top scoring teams in the second half of the season. I see this being a low scoring affair with Boston having just as hard of a time scoring but the Rangers being the healthier squad at the moment. Either way, I hope the winner loses to the winner of pit/ott. Well see how good Rask is in this series, because I thought with the exception of game 7 Holtby was unreal in that series while Rask was good but not great against Toronto.

  4. Can’t see this going less than 6 games.

    How will Boston contain Rangers scoring ace Asham? How will the Rangers handle it that Asham is their clutch scorer? can Asham handle his new duty tokeep out of the box?

    • How will the Rangers handle the stoic backend presence of Bartkowski and “Dougie” Hamilton? Will the Bruins continue to roll the dice by playing for only 3 minutes every game? How many times will Chara fall down tonight? ( Over/Under at 14)

  5. New York Rangers in FIVE.

  6. Son of an Islander betting against the Rangers? Nah, never happens.

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