New York Rangers v Washington Capitals - Game Seven

Via Toucher and Rich, The Fonz’s John Tortorella’s yearbook photo from Concord-Carlisle High in Massachusetts has surfaced, and you won’t be disappointed, mostly because he includes the phrase “bathroom brawls” in his…what were those things called, “bequeaths?”

Some thoughts:

* “Lanas Garage” – him and his buddies leaving certain special dates/locations for posterity?

* MAN, his friends had cooler nicknames than mine. Snake, Mendy, Musky…bad to the bone.

* B.D.W.B? Bhat Dould Webus Bo? That can’t be right. Bacon Derby Wombat Brisket? I’m open to suggestion.

Enjoy, and here’s to hoping that he eventually found MUSKY:

john torts