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Via Toucher and Rich, The Fonz’s John Tortorella’s yearbook photo from Concord-Carlisle High in Massachusetts has surfaced, and you won’t be disappointed, mostly because he includes the phrase “bathroom brawls” in his…what were those things called, “bequeaths?”

Some thoughts:

* “Lanas Garage” – him and his buddies leaving certain special dates/locations for posterity?

* MAN, his friends had cooler nicknames than mine. Snake, Mendy, Musky…bad to the bone.

* B.D.W.B? Bhat Dould Webus Bo? That can’t be right. Bacon Derby Wombat Brisket? I’m open to suggestion.

Enjoy, and here’s to hoping that he eventually found MUSKY:

john torts

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  1. Great stuff. If you asked him today about all those inside jokes, I wonder if he’d remember them. I barely remember what my write up meant, and I’m 15 years younger than Torts.

  2. If you asked him about it today he’d probably say “I’m not going to answer those types of questions” and storm off


  4. Subtract the flow, add a beak…what do you have? A young Milan Lucic

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