New York Rangers v Boston Bruins

As I wrote prior to the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs:

This may not be the case for all hockey fans out there, but when I turn on the TV to watch a hockey game, my enjoyment of said game is affected by the uniforms being worn, the way they work together, and how they work with the crowd around them. I can barely watch the Panthers, for example, regardless of opponent.

A couple simple things matter:

* Contrast: for example, Oilers/Flames is going to be better than Senators (white/red/black)/Hurricanes (white/red/black).


Simplicity: Clean, two-coloured jersey matchups – say Red Wings/Leafs – is going to be better than busy, multi-colour jersey matchups – say Florida/Colorado or something. (Guh, the thought of that.)

We all have our personal preferences – for me, I find red-on-red matchups less pleasurable than cooler colours, and tend to prefer all of the Original 6 jerseys. So we might not agree entirely on the order of the list below, but that’s only because you probably have bad taste and I don’t.

Wow, I was particularly mean that day. Anyway, obviously home/away sweaters make some difference, so take my opinion as an overview of the teams sweaters minus thirds. For the record, this round was extremely hard.


Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins - Game One

Come for the opinion, stay for the AMAZING PICTURE. How is that not a posed photograph? Like, how long did Brooks Orpik keep his stick jammed up against Chris Neil’s goods for? Isn’t the technique to get in and get out ASAP, like a house robbery?

Anyway, the jerseys: The Penguins and Senators are juuuust off having good sweaters.

The Pens really, really need to get back to this, and quick:

pens sweaters

The Senators have pretty fantastic colours, but need to find something more classic than their current iteration which is a lot busy, and still has the apron strings.

I like the contrast between the sweaters, but given the other quality shirts in playoffs, this was a fourth-place no brainer. It gets harder from here.

(By the way, I held an opinion poll on Twitter, and it appears me referring to jerseys as “shirts” is not going to go over so well.)


Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game One

Two good jerseys, but as I said in the intro: the redredredREDREDRED is searing my retinas. And then all the red in the crowd…I feel like a bull and the game’s the matador. It kinda makes me want to charge.


Los Angeles Kings vs. San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings - Game One

This is one fiiiine, sexy matchup. For two teams that haven’t been around forever, these two squads have sure settled on great unis. The Kings, which I love, benefits here from playing against a team with a bright, unique colour. Very easy games to watch.

And finally,


New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins

#1, like #4, wasn’t that hard. Contrast, cleanliness, general sweater perfection. They haven’t met in the playoffs yet this year, but when they do at 7:30 tonight, it sure will be a pretty sight.