The NHL has suspended Raffi Torres in a way that rarely, rarely happens (Matt Cooke and Todd Bertuzzi were subject to something similar). He’s been suspended for the second round of playoffs. Whether that be three more games or six, that’s his deal. He can’t play in round two.

I doubt the NHLPA will love this, it’s just…odd. How can you say a play is worth X… but possibly Y if other things unrelated to that play happen? Something is worth what it’s worth, and in my mind, you have to quantify it and live with that decision.

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  1. This is the NHL’s way of suspending Torres for potentially 6 games and not having to deal with an appeal. #gutless

  2. Just kick that **** out of the league and be done with it.

  3. My guess is this is an attempt to prevent the series from falling apart into revenge hits and fights. They just don’t want Torres playing against SJ so that the series can continue.

    I hope Torres isn’t back next year. Or ever.

  4. I’m OK with it. Don’t have much more to add, really.

  5. I think the rational is “you made an illegal play which directly affected this series, so you can’t play in this series.” I’m not sure I agree with it, but at least there MIGHT be some reason behind it.

  6. I wonder if anyone will simply receive a suspension equivalent to the number of games their victim will miss…

  7. BS Call.. Clean Hit. Im not a fan of any of these two teams

  8. This is one of the weakest cop outs ive ever seen. Shannahan admits the head as being a principal point of contact and this guy gets… 3-6? How many times does this guy get to deliver shots to the head?

  9. Is there any question that this guy was informed pretty clearly after his last suspension that any even barely borderline hits would be subject to scrutiny in which he would get absolutely no benefit of the doubt? If he still can’t manage to hold it together, as far as I’m concerned, any suspension that’s shorter than ‘all the games ever, you sociopath’ is too short.

  10. IT is time for Shanahan to grow some balls and do his job. This is the third time this a-hole has done this and even though it is not baseball I believe in three strikes and you are out .
    Does someone have to get permanently injured and even killed on the ice before these jackasses are kicked ut of the league? Come on Brendan. You were a great hockey player but you are not doing a good job now!

  11. The League did say what his action was worth: the entire second round. I think this is an excellent way to handle it.

    • Exactly. It makes sense to me. In te playoffs, the players don’t get paid by the game so this is an equivalent monetary punishment either way. Also, in a sense, it keeps the punishment on the team consistent. He’s out for this series no matter how many games they lose but he’ll be back for the next one (if they win).

      • Right. I don’t mind this at all. It could also he mean he is out for the “rest of the hockey year” when the Sharks lose to the Kings.

  12. Agree with the suspension. They need to crack down on players like Torres and Cooke who have all but proven that allowing them to play in the NHL will have consequences on the careers of other players.

    • When is the last time you watched hockey? Two or three seasons ago?

      Matt Cooke is a shining example of how a dangerous player can change and still be effective in the NHL. He should be held up to every player as a role model.

      Go look up[ when the last time he got suspended was. Then look at how many penalty minutes he has had in each season after that. Then admit to yourself that your opinion was wrong, you need to change it, and stop saying Cooke is a dirty player.

  13. Pure horseshit.

    That’s like getting a citation for wreckless driving because you slide into a parked car on an icy road, and are thereby suspended from driving until every last bit of snow melts…..Could be a week. Could be a month. Could be longer.

    Shanahan has shown his true gutless, chickenshit colors.

    I don’t particularly care for Torres, but this is nonsense.

  14. Yea cook is à Perfect example of how u can turn it around.. btw… CLEAN hit!!

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