Via Deadspin, here’s a Leafs’ fan who attached a GoPro camera to the top of his TV to catch him and his buddies celebrating a Leafs victory.

Here’s how he sets it up on YouTube:

Had my gopro out in hopes of capturing some memorable playoff moments for Toronto but instead got this. Though loss but still had a great time watching the leafs in the playoffs and seeing how nuts all the fans were. I’m sure leaf fans can relate to the reactions in this video!

For the record, I found this really hard to watch. Gave me goosebumps.

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  1. This is like watching seppuku.

  2. Seriously, the guy on the right, after the OT winner you can tell his brain is just broken. Or his soul. Or both, I guess.

  3. You guys are posting way too much about Leafs/Bruins. Please stop.

  4. I was so happy to have witnessed this while in a bar full of Leaf fans after my baseball game. I saw pretty much exactly what was shown in this video and seeing the Leaf fans go from utter elation to a soul crushing loss was good times.

  5. Just make my day !

    Habs fan!

  6. Amazed nothing was thrown or smashed. The remote would be in pieces if that was at my house.

  7. I didnt get to watch the game, but seeing this made up for it.

  8. “How? How?”

    There isn’t a sports fan anywhere who hasn’t been there.

  9. lmao

    the chick on the left on the couch is hot

  10. HOW…………..HOW……..??

    My weekend is made. Thank you.

  11. Leafs are not youngest team in league

  12. I played hockey with the guy with the glasses with the Lupul jersey these guys are from Windsor Ontario

  13. they’ve got some real keepers in their girl friends there (I assume they’re girl friends) Just about every girl in that room did all they could to contain laughter after realizing it probably wouldn’t go over too well.

  14. Leafs had more wins this playoffs than the Canucks and the Habs combined. Let that sink in :)

    • Yeah congrats on that. I can’t wait for the leafs banner hanging ceremony in October.

      I can read the inscription already…”2013 playoffs, eliminated in first round”.

      That will be an awesome, emotion-filled evening for all leaf fans.

  15. HAHAHA F*ckin’ Leaves!

  16. hey atleast you still have scrivens and your second rounder instead of a second round playoff berth and luongo as starter LAWLS

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