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Sunday Funnies is a feature brought to you by Stevie Roxelle, because hockey is actually a pretty fun game and we run enough “here’s a terribly violent hit” posts here at Backhand Shelf.

Stevie Roxelle is a talented illustrator, cartoonist and biologist that currently lives in Sharks territory. You can find more of her work at the webcomic Biscuit Fox and at her online print shop, and you can follow her on twitter @stevieroxelle. Captions are her comments, enjoy!


chokers(Click to enlarge)

Comments (8)

  1. Alex Ovechkin; 61 points in 58 playoff games

    Phil Kessel; 21 points in 22 playoff games

    Roberto Luongo; career .916 playoff save percentage

    Mats Sundin; 82 points in 91 playoff games, 11 goals/20 points in 16 Olympic games

    Corey Perry; Stanley Cup, Olympic gold, World Junior gold, Memorial Cup championship

    Congrats, you’re retarded.

    • well, we don’t have get all rude on the artist but yeah.. +1.

    • it’s a joke relax

    • The joke is more targeting mainstream perceptions (you know, the Leaf fan crowd that screams trade Kessel and Phaneuf).

    • That Luongo save percentage isn’t that great for playoff numbers.

    • I’m a Ducks fan and even I think this is hilarious. Perry was embarrassing in the playoffs and made that contract we gave him look stupid. And this comic is about THIS YEARS PLAYOFFS..not their whole careers. So Dave looks like the retarded one, not Stevie Roxelle.

  2. Yeah it is a cartoon, and hey maybe these guys are choke artists. But it is just not a funny cartoon. Take away the individual faces and just have the logos talking and it still not funny. It is just not funny. Humor is hard.

  3. It’s also subjective, and I laughed, so maybe ease up on the artist?

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