The craziest part about this play is that it absolutely works. Well, actually wait, that’s not true – the crazy part is having the presence of mind and the stones to try it from a scoring situation, which you don’t get a ton of in a game.

But it does make sense; it allows him to pull the puck back from the defender’s stick, and get his stick in a position to make the pass.

Again, that’s Max Domi, Tie Domi’s son. Apparently he plays a bit more of a skill game.

(S/t @DLDels, Sportsnet)

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  1. That was sick. (plus extra words so my comment is acceptable length)

  2. Include Tie’s fight with a fan in the penalty box vid, and I’ll have my Domi ration for the day.

  3. wow that was pretty legit.

  4. Hot diggity damn – that’s easily the slickest digustingest goal I’ve seen in a long time! I’m also admiring 53′s good hands on getting a good shot off before the puck even settles – but yeah, Domi definitely made that play!

  5. I must go change my pants now. Excuse me

  6. Between the legs is one thing.. to saucer it perfectly – and then for Horvat to knock into the peanut butter.. great goal.

  7. As far as timing goes this couldn’t have been executed better. Great pass and a shot without the puck touching the ice. That’s hockey…

  8. Everything about this sequence is magical. A magical saucy sandwich. At the beginning, you have Griffith (a Bruins prospect) time his pass perfectly with Jones stepping out and pivoting so it goes between his feet to Domi, then comes the delicious, heaven-sent meat of the play with Domi’s dish, and then close it out with a sick finish by Horvat.
    I’m not sure what’s left to live for…

  9. holy shit that was sick, i screamed OHHHHHH by myself for a good 20 seconds

  10. S I C K

    Poor Seth Jones…

  11. I was watching the game with buds and we all stood up and saluted! And we are in the Portland area…
    That was undefendable.

  12. been done better before. still minor league stuff.

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