One of my absolute favourite things as a sports fan is “mic’d up” videos, and this one is no exception.

Highlights for me:

* Ryan Getzlaf telling Jonathan Ericsson (6’4″, 220) “You’re not scary.” I guess that’s easier to say when you’re the same size.

* Patrick Kane yelling “showtime” after a goal

* Jarome Iginla telling Pascal Dupuis (or whoever) to just fire the puck at him chest height and he’ll grab it and put it down. Don’t be surprised to see more plays like that in the league. Great way to minimize risk on clears.

* Lucic telling Kessel he played great

* Pah-lenty more.


Comments (12)

  1. Karlsson taking the long way to tell Cowen not to take any penalties! He was so very specific haha

  2. They need more of this…awesome

  3. Loved Nash saying ‘that was dirty’

  4. In an article in The Hockey News a few months back, they asked people around the NHL how they’d improve, or “fix”, the NHL:

    Darryl Reaugh said that the thought the NHL needed to do a much better job of having players mic’d up and showing the on-ice / on-bench conversations (bleeped for language, of course). This being an effort to bring fans closer to the game.

    I think he was dead-on. I think hockey is one of, if not -THE BEST, sport to have mic’d up. So awesome to hear all that.

    • I’d love to see HBO get a dozen or so games a year and present the audio unfiltered.

      • My favorite HBO 24/7 moment happened a few years ago when Mike Rupp (Ranger then) said “You’re bleeping irrelevant out here” to a rookie Flyer.
        See what happens when you use it off the ice. I highly suggest that you “know your audience” beforehand.

  5. Wow, so I guess NO ONE in the Sharks/Nucks series had a mic on them? No one at all?

    • It was over before they got a chance, and either way all they’d have picked up was crying from the Canucks.

  6. Karlsson telling Subban he deservs the Norris was pretty intense

  7. PK referring to Michalek as # 9 is ironic! When the Sens refer to a Has by number it is a lack of ‘respec’!

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