Vancouver Canucks v San Jose Sharks - Game One

For sale: one quite good, slightly used coach.

The secret to keeping your job in Vancouver is to pay two goalies a combined nine-plus million a year, keep half of that on the bench, and have it overshadow everything your team does all season.

Gillis: “And as the video clearly shows, gentlemen, this is all of you cheating on your wives while simultaneously extorting money. So, who were we talking about firing?”

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  1. I’d like to see a systems analyst post on how Gillis was able to keep his job.

    • Uh, playoffs every season, a game away from a Stanley Cup final?
      Clearly the same reasons keeping Vigneault might have made sense, admittedly..

      • Yeah, that’s sort of my point….

        • running grabner outta town….running hogdson outta town…trying to run Luo outta town…lets not forget, not sending someone out to beat the living sh iat outta marchand when the refs didnt do anything during the infamous use sedin head as punching bag….means you are a moron just like viggy

  2. MUST BE THE REFS FAULTTTT!!!!!! WHINECOUVER LOSERS LOSERS LOSERS!!!! dont matter who you get for a coach your a bunch of cheap shot edlers and scuzzies…. and LOSERS!!!! now go blame the ref you losers.

    • What’s up, Leafs.

    • refs and playing sedins in the last minute of a playoff game in the defensive zone when the sedins cant play defense worth your momma….add no more than 1 breakout play without change up all year when team hemmed in 2nd period….means viggy wanted a change

  3. This is a ridiculous move by a ridiculous team. Gillis is a joke, and he should have been the one fired for his mishandling of the goalie situation. What a sham. Sorry Mr Vigneault, you worked for idiots.

    • oh, so who didnt coach more than 1 breakout system so that 2nd period pins in defensive zone didn’t continue for every game of the season? who didnt coach the PP? the team got tired of playing defense hence the floating by all the players so the coach would be fired…..the coach who cried about Hodgson and got him to buffalo to be canucks top scorer this season,…or the coach who whined so grabner became canucks second top scorer this year in the Isle?…or the coach who couldnt stand seeing kassian score 5 goals ina couple games with the sedin and who trained with the sedins all summer so the coach changed up the top line in hockey at the time???…….the nuclear fallout combined with the solar bursts hitting the west coast obviously were too much on Vigneaults brain as shown by this seasons results……

  4. There is nothing more entertaining than seeing the WESTERN Maple Leafs implode!! Swwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttttttttt!

  5. As a Blackhawks fan living in Vancouver… my day is happy happy, joy joy.

    • too bad the ladies called the wings are slapping around the hawks, cuz tomorro u will be crying in yur granville island lager

  6. Very upset that the Sabres didn’t hold off on hiring a coach in the event something like this happened and we could try and bring in a very good coach.

  7. So, do we expect to see many of the players shipped out as well, or are they just going to trade Luongo for whatever they can get and move forward with the same team and a new coach?

    • Luongo won a gold medal at olympics, carried team canada at world championships on his back, etc.etc., Reimer–sieve lost game 7….Fleury- sieve…..Dubnyk—-sieve….Anderson— Sieve, oh and lets not forget smith—-sieve….wh u gonna play at olympics…marty???….LOL….Luongo didnt lose the stanley cup, the refs gave the cup to boston….the last time a vancouver “village” won a inter american championship, the league folded since the big city americans couldnt believe a “village” team could win….hence the league becoming defunct it was called the NASL….NHL does not want a CANADIAN team to win the stanley cup or no $10 ticket buying American will go to any games. Luongo hopefully now will be staying since, schneider—-sieve.

  8. about time. Sedins held back all year. PP stupid det up, second period when team zone away from team bench coaches watched all season as every team knew the breakout system and beat the canucks to a pulp…no coaching at all, watch the bench and coaches only chewing gum…watch other teams coaches and they coaching, directing…get an offensive minded coach, not some no name coach without NHL experience and get a team of coaches who can work together and know actual present day hockey….who sends the sedins with edler out in the alst minute of a playoff game to defend a 1 goal lead when the sedins can’t defend worth a nickel??????

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