Pittsburgh Penguins v Ottawa Senators - Game Four

Yes, “healthied” is a word in hockey parlance – it’s getting healthy scratched.

Random thought, but anybody else think it would be great to see actual Penguins kicking the ass of actual Senators? Totally, right?

Anyway, we discussed:

* The Sens great start

* The Pens great everything else

* Alfie’s comments

* Alain Vigneault getting the boot

* Brad Richards press box assignement

* And oh so much more

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  1. Daily until the conference finals?

  2. Its always interesting to see what your guys outsider impression is of my home team compared to the local bloggers and media. I don’t really agree with your take of Coach AV. Lots of success with the Canucks, right, but I felt the team was playing a system it wasn’t well-suited for. The most obvious place where the coaching failed was on the powerplay, where I think the Sedins were overcoached (Daniel locked to the point instead of freelancing with Henrik)

    The players didn’t seem to offer any kind words to their coach via twitter or anything, so there’s that. I think there’s much more to it than the coaches-on-paper success.

    Still think Gillis is a great GM. You guys point out a couple of mistakes, but none of his successes. Dan Hamhuis, Jason Garrison, Kesler + Sedin contracts, Manny Malhotra. He has a lot of work ahead of him, though, and how he handles it will probably define his tour as GM.

  3. Great podcast guys, from British Columbia here and I agree about your assesment of the Canucks.

    I think the Sedins success at the worlds caused management to consider seeking a more hands-off coach, to essentially turn the keys over to the Sedins for a few years to see if they can get it done. Maybe someone to break the “cycle”?

    Maybe Lindy Ruff? I dont really like much of the Van-Buffalo history but this could make sense.

    Swedens powerplay was amazing.. becuase they were allowed to be creative.

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