I think this nicely sums up how Jonathan Toews has been feeling in playoffs these days. C’mon dude, Zetterberg seems like a swell gent.

(S/t Austin1227)

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  1. Towns is twice the player Zetterberg is. Sheesh

    • 11 points these playoffs by Z vs 3 (and no goals) by Toews… The only thing Toews is better at, is getting pointless penalties…

      Twice the player? That got you an actual LOL from me.

  2. Jeez, if that was Crosby, the other team’s fans would wave cardboard cutouts of him wearing a pacifier and crying, and the opposition town’s newspaper would have a front page cover of him photoshopped as a cowardly lion.

    Oh wait, that actually happened….

  3. Zetterberg gets a free pass on a lot too. On the infamous Weber incident last year, Zetterberg came in with his elbow high and caught Weber in the head and so Weber’s retaliation got him all sorts of infamy……but Zetterberg skated away blameless. He even made some ridiculous statement afterward about how his helmet got cracked against the glass, though nobody ever got to see said helmet crack. Of course. Hank does a ton of needling and then plays the victim when he gets it back, and the media lets him because he somehow has some sort of saintly image.

    • Yeah, this. He’s not Shane Doan or anything, but I’ve been kinda of boggled by how much crosschecking of Toews he’s been allowed to do unpenalized.

  4. this is why people of certain sexual orientation shouldnt play hockey.. everyone knows queers are usually spazzes

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