I think a lot of people assume that John Tortorella spews endless venom in the direction of the poor refs and lineys, and they just take it and go home and feel bad. That’s not necessarily the case, as you’ll hear above in a moderately not-so-PG manner. Some give it back just the same.

“That’s enough. F*** you! That’s enough. That’s enough! You’ve had your say.”

(S/t to Deadspin)

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  1. oh poor Torts. Unlike during all his bullying of Brooksie and the rest of the media the linseman barks right back. good stuff there :)

    too bad we don’t get the mic from both sides though. heheh

  2. I bet dishing back a f bomb to torts restores your electrolytes. ahhh light crisp taste

  3. Nice, sbrimer.

    I’ve never quite liked that the broadcasters have to issue the de rigeur “apology” for “some of the language there.” This is the sort of context where you expect occasional cussing. Let any concerned parents do the explaining to their kids on their own, and don’t call attention to it.

  4. He should healthy scratch that linesman.

  5. Who said Torts is abrasive?

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