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Last night the Dallas Stars may have possibly leaked the teams new logo, which they planned on unvieling along with new jerseys in a couple weeks. It came from the teams official app, and was deleted, but not before a fan could grab the screenshot you see above. At first blush, I think I looks pretty sharp and clean, and I like the green. And you?

(S/t to @DamnOldNylon)


Update: Confirmed. You can read more about their official new logo here. One more pic:

stars confirm

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  1. agreed. very nice. What does their old logo actually look like?? It is so great I cannot even picture it.

  2. Not a fan, will have to see the full kits though before I pass complete judgement

  3. It’s gross. The D bulging out of the star everywhere just looks weird and it makes the star even more asymmetrical than it was before. The logo hasn’t looked good since the old North Stars though, so who cares.

  4. I don’t mind it. It looks a little generic to me. I think it would look better without the “D” in the star, and if the shoulder patch was the main logo.

  5. Meh. The “D” needs something more to set it apart from the star, different shading or a hard outline. Now it just looks like a really pointy letter. I do like the font on the “Dallas Stars” circular logo, but that’s not much to hang your hat on.

  6. Any chance this “leak” is a way to get a read on public opinion in advance of the release, to possibly adjust before releasing a final product? That’s what I would’ve done.

    If not, I’m not really impressed, but it better than the bull constellation logo that the Stars had for a short time. I was hoping for something with more of a throwback toward the North Stars look.

    just thoughts of a Dallas fan…

  7. That’s a brutal logo. Bland colours, bland design. And maybe Starbucks will sue them for some copy rights infringements.

  8. The old one was a flat pseudo-wordmark. This one has dimension and motion while remaining simple and clean. Nice work. Looking forward to seeing the new jerseys.

  9. I’ve been a stars fan for some 17 years now and I think that looks forced and just not good. It looks like an expansion team logo. Like it was outsourced to some design competition and some nice kid from bangladesh used his wicked illustrator skills and won himself a neat 300 bucks. Sad.

  10. Seriously, for a team that has in it’s storied history, a jersey with a f’n space cow uterus can’t come up with anything better than this? Facepalm again, Dallas fans.

  11. bring back the mooterus

  12. It’s nice. Boring, but nice.

  13. It’s horrible and looks like something that was cool for 8 months in 2002. Very lame. They need something more timeless.

  14. I think it’s more geared towards merch sales. The D on the star is perfect for a hat, polo shirt or what have you.

    That being said, i think it would be better used as a 3rd jersey shoulder logo.

  15. It`s okay, but it honestly makes me think of a beer logo.

  16. in brightest day, in blackest night….

  17. this is one of the best logos ever made… nothin says keep the queers off the ice better than a star with a big D bulging out of it… its saying… look you homos.. double D titties, go enjoy them, dicks are for chicks

    • Well said bro, its nice to see some of my readers can actually think, and have the balls to say what the rest of us are thinking

      • dude, come up with your own name

      • i couldnt agree more with all 3 (2) of you.. seriously dude, name stealing aint cool

        • Remove this homo bashing off this site, immediately! I am tired of reading these hate filled comments, Justin Bourne! You are the editor. Do your job. Edit!

          • this is canada everyone is allowed to say what they want ( unless you write for the score, thanks sportsnet, so tired of being censored by the new bosses, i’m very seriously considering moving to ESPN ) besides me, wagner and a couple other writers here applaud #youCANTplay and his gumption he comes on here and can actually intelligently speak his mind about issues that plague pro sports.. so i wont be banning him anytime soon

  18. I think the green is to toned down it lacks presence, the lettermark is boring and the star at this point, is just a distraction where it should be alla bou the star, they’re the Dallas STARS, not the Dallas pointy D’s. Never mind the black circle with the equally boring word mark.

    No, don’t like it

  19. What was wrong with the old logos that everyone liked…. guess we had too much success with it. that deeper green was much better and the logo was perfect.

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