New York Rangers v Boston Bruins - Game Five

The New York Rangers have been eliminated from playoffs, which means it’s time for exit interviews with both the team and media. Apparently Brian Boyle (of the amazing Boyle clan) wasn’t happy with his play, and feels like he brought shame on his family with it. A little dramatic, a little intense. But I like how hard he’s being on himself, because you know he intends to bring it next year.

From Andrew Gross, Rangers beat writer for The Record (New Jersey):

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  1. He really is Catholic. The guilt is their cultural heritage.

  2. Gee, you think? Lemme guess – you and Brad Richards spent too much time getting spray on tans?

  3. He “let his family down”? Dude it’s just hockey. Way more important things in life as it pertains to family.

    • Considering he almost lost his dad to cancer a few years back, he probably knows exactly what he’s saying.

  4. I guess there is a ton a talented players in the AHL down to the beer leagues who believed “Dude it’s just hockey”. I like Boyle’s attitude, would like him on my team.

  5. I love Boyler, he had a not so good year but he got it together towards the end. Can’t wait to see him back to full form next season.

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