It cost him two minutes in the third period of a close game, so it wasn’t smart, but man, you really got the impression he’s been waiting for his chance to get a lick in.

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  1. Clean, yet dirty, and certainly worth the two minutes…well played, Pavel!

    • Which part is clean ?

      • Solid shoulder to the chest, players facing each other, no jumping or other such nonsense. If Toews had the puck, Datsyk would have been praised for this.

        The hit was clean. The situation was dirty.

  2. justin,

    i’ve been reading your stuff since your original blog site. i love the insight and the point of view articles. i’ve also listened to the podcasts you’re on. and it seems more and more obvious to me that you carry some sort of secret glee when anything negative happens to the blackhawks. why is that?

    do you think its unfair that they got the first or second pick in the draft for 4 years in a row, allowing them to build a dynasty?

    are you jealous that they are the only professional sports franchise to win 4 championships in a row?

    do you think it was unfair that after winning the franchises first cup in 50 years they were allowed to keep that entire juggernaut of a team together for numerous deep playoff runs?

    seriously dude, what is your axe to grind with this franchise?

    • Check your facts bud,

      The Montreal Canadiens hold the record for most Cup wins in a row, that being 5 from 1956-1960, if you don’t want to count this due to pre expansion then..

      The 76-79 Montreal Canadiens and the 80-83 Islanders hold the record with 4 consecutive cups

      Finally the Hawks have 4 cups in total, from 1934, 1938, 1961, and 2010

    • You’re thinking of the Pens with the draft picks. The Hawks had 3rd pick in 2006 (Toews), won the lottery in 2007 (Kane) . Their 2004, 2005 and 2008 first-round picks didn’t work out and since then they’ve been low in the draft.

    • And they came into the 2011 season with basically 2 lines and 3 d-men from the Cup run, admittedly the top 2 lines and d-pairing, but you don’t get a long playoff run without depth.

  3. nice catch w,

    you know your habs history.

    but the three “facts” about the hawks?

    it was sarcasm:

    the penguins had the 1st or second pick for 4 years in a row to build a dynasty, not the hawks. (crosby, malkin, fleury, stahl).

    the islanders won 4 cups in a row, not the hawks.

    and after winning the hawks first cup in 50 years almost half the guys got traded due to salary cap restraints.


    toews has been slashed, held, elbowed and generally cheap shot all series long. nbc showed many clips of it tonight during the game’s broadcast. detroit has made a point of everyone taking a shot at him. sometimes even as he is stepping off the ice onto the bench and not even in the play. its gone uncalled by the officials and he reacted like i imagine anyone would.

    and this article celebrates some of that action.

    as does the previous article, “jonathon toews takes the word “frustrated” to new heights.

    • The last article wasn`t an attack on Toews. It was demonstrating how frustrated he was that he would slash a guy while standing next to a ref. This article highlights the fact that Toews is very good at his job when he get perennial lowest-penalty-minutes in the league Datsyuk to take a run at him.

      I`m glad the Blackhawks got their act back together. I grew up watching them with Roenick, Chelios, Belfour. I`m not a fan of the team per se, but I am glad they`re successful. Some teams you just hope do well.

    • I’m not sure where the problem is. Bourne’s not making a judgement against your Hawks. He’s just showing a hard hit. In fact it’s proving that Toews is getting under Datsyuk’s skin … enough for the Wings to take a penalty. Kudos to Toews.

    • Let’s see if the Penguins can actually win a second Stanley Cup before calling them a dynasty. And even then, ideally it would take a little bit more than two titles in five years.

    • I didnt think it would get any worse than your first post, and then you come in with the 2nd… filled with even more random factoids that have no bearing on the conversation. Lets at least hope they are correct this time around.

  4. Just another cheap shot by a wing but it was too obvious so they had to call it. The wings are getting away with interference, constant cross checks and slashing. I am not a hawks fan but I have absolutely no respect for the way the wings play and how dirty they are. I don’t care who they play I hope they lose.

  5. It always makes me smile when Hawks fans (or just a random person) call the Wings the dirtiest team in the league when teams like the Ducks and the Canucks exist. Also when a team like the Hawks employ Carcillo. Just because Eddie O labels them cheaters every chance he gets, it doesn’t make it true. Watch any playoff game and count the number of slashes, cross checks, interference, holds, etc that you see from both teams that go uncalled. the number is absurd. It’s ok to hate a team because they have been great for 20+ years, but at least admit that is the reason.

    • Did those so-called Hawks fans watch, oh, any Hawks-Blues game? Dats isn’t trying to take out Toews’ knee or punching Kane in the face while pinning his stick hand to the boards so he can’t slash back, both of which happened the last Blues game they played. Or Vancouver…

  6. Did Dats take a penalty for that? It doesn’t look that bad – not sure his stick really touches Toews and it’s the shoulder to the logo that takes him down- and has his penalty as tripping on Sharp, not Toews.

  7. So have I. Man, Jonathan Toews has to be the biggest crybaby I’ve ever seen. Not surprised to see him yelling at the refs last night after he took a stupid penalty shoving the defense on top of Howard.

    Oh, when his team is winning he’s a classy guy, great captain. When his team is losing? Whining, yelling, slashing, breaking sticks, etc etc

  8. It’s what Detroit has had to do to have a chance at beating them. It’s the same tactics every team has tried this year, play physical with the skill guys because no one on the Hawks will hold them accountable. The Blues comment was dead on, teams like that and Vancouver take it to a whole other level than Detroit does with the nonsense to try to slow them down. But it is incredible to see guys like Cleary and Adbelkader with so much courage running around doing what they’re doing, with no response from the Hawks. I guess the ultimate payback is if the Hawks eliminate them.

    Toews may be whining because of all the crap he’s taking, but then in the next sentence you can’t condemn him on the slashing thing, since he has to do something to slow it down. In fact I don’t think he’s doing enough to create space for himself. When Datsyuk does that to him he should be cross checking him in the side of the head, since that’s been going on uncalled all series. Stop whining and take care of it, I completely agree with.

  9. incidental contact? I mean, Toews totally turned into him…

    I’d love to listen to this whole series mic’d up.

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