alfie pong

Probably. Okay, let’s be honest here, yes.

The tweet I got from @morebennett (thanks, by the way) simply said “Spotted in a bar in Ottawa on Friday: a shirtless Daniel Alfredsson playing ping pong.” (Editor’s note: “sources” say it was a Saturday.)

Friday night was the day the Senators’ season ended at the hands of the Penguins, so you know he was out with the boys. You know he was drinking given the situation, so you understand how he could justify ending up shirtless. And the ping pong is a no-brainer. With zero verification, I hearby declare this to be legit. Look at that hair. Alfie the Best.

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  1. That looks like Cody Ceci in the bacground, to lend cred to the photo.

  2. Would’ve been Saturday. And looks like it was this place in the Market.

  3. Out of the country right now but had a bunch of buddies send me almost the exact same picture, so ya it was real. Saw a pic of Anderson and stone loaded too so I’m sure a bunch of the boys were out

  4. Are we certain it’s not Danny Bonaduce?

  5. Your shirt seriously restricts your ability to get that top flight top spin

  6. I saw Erik Condra at Heart & Crown downtown saturday night coming out of a room with Private Party on the door. The bouncer said the whole team was in there.

  7. Bruce garrioch snappin pics of his hero with a mouth full of chicken poppers………now thats real talent!

  8. This guy is too short (notice his height vs the ping pong table) and I think alfie would look more muscular..

  9. It looks like Alfredsson doesn’t even care his team is out of the playoffs

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