A lot happened tonight, and I will write about all of it tomorrow. All you need to know for now is that there was a terrible call at the end of the game that robbed Chicago of a regulation victory, but they got it back in OT, which resulted in the “yes” face you see from Brent Seabrook above. Hawks win. Hawks Win. Hawks win. Shout-out to @ScottJohnson48 for the .GIF.

Oh, and if you’d like to see the GWG, you can do that below.

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  1. As a Kings fan, I went into this one rooting for Detroit but after that Walkom call I flipped…I honestly cannot believe that guy was once the head of NHL officials.

    • Sadly, I honestly can.

      The irony is, the penalties he called that erased the Hjalmarsson goal were actually penalties – but he wound up falling between two stools. Either let them go because they were offsetting, behind the play, and inconsequential… or raise your arm and blow the whistle and call them emphatically. How long would it have taken them to notice him on that call had the shot been blocked or gone wide? Would they have just kept sailing along until he physically chased someone down? Be decisive, man.

      Also, rough deflect off of Kronwall for the goal. Hell of a way to go. The West has had some great hockey this playoff.

  2. From @Steve_Melvin: Last time I saw a head emerge like that, Sigouney Weaver had to hunt it down and kill it.

  3. Walkom is the very same ref who didn’t see fit to give Torres a penalty after the Hossa hit last year. Shanahan had to correct his “worst-call-of-the-playoffs” oversight with a 25 game suspension.

    This year, Walkom continues his campaign of mediocrity. Who decided that this guy could ref a game 7 again?

  4. Uggh, go Pens I guess.

  5. When I saw this goal, all I could think about was Kronwall’s gap control, or lack thereof, and what I’ve learned from Bourne’s Systems Analyst posts.

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