I can’t recommend you watch this short documentary enough. It’s tough to get through – like really tough – but you won’t regret doing so. The payoff and message is there.

Here’s how ESPN describes it:

The latest film is Cutthroat, by award-winning director Steven Cantor. Clint Malarchuk was famous for being an NHL goalie, but he would go down in hockey history for suffering one of the most gruesome injuries in the history of sports when an opposing player’s skate severed his carotid artery. This story covers Malarchuk’s miraculous physical recovery from the injury as well as the long and grueling emotional recuperation that took two decades and included an eventual stay in a mental hospital for PTSD treatment. [Warning: This film contains graphic footage of the injury.]

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  1. Wow, poor Guy.
    I remember the incident well but was never aware how lasting the effects were to him.
    great that he is getting better and back in Hockey

  2. Oof. That was tough. Im glad I watched though.

  3. thanx for the link, justin.

    here’s also a great article on that topic:


  4. Jeez that was tough to watch. Good for him to still be fighting though. Incredible story.

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