Update: Awww, shucks.


In Canada, there are roughly three legitimate TV companies that provide hockey information now that theScore’s TV channel has been sold to Rogers, and those are TSN, Sportsnet, and CBC (for game coverage). I watch them all.

Being in that group means that Sportsnet’s twitter feed is well followed (over 15k followers), which one assumes means they’re diligent in their maintenance of said account. Well-followed Twitter accounts are a great way to drive followers to your most recent content, after all.

Long story short: we’re five days into their Twitter account getting hacked, and this is still going on. Not Safe For Work stuff, folks, so if you’re sensitive, go do something else.

By the way, I like that our friend Jesse Spector got some, uh, love from SNHockeyCentral:

hacked account

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  1. The tweets are hilarious but the fact they’ve been going on for 4 days or so is incredible. And to those tweeting @sportsnet and whatnot to make them aware of the hack, SHUT UP let’s see how long this will go on for!

  2. The sad part is the account has never been more interesting as it has the last few days…

  3. I love that we’re so accustomed to twitter hacks that we don’t bat an eyelash at “Sportsnet” saying “I want you in me right now.”

    We’re just like “huh, guess sportsnet’s been hacked. Moving on.”

    I find it funny that we all noticed this on day 1, we all put it out of mind and it didn’t register that it had been going on for 2 more days until the fourth day.

    We spotted Sportsnet a 4 day grace period before we started laughing at them and they STILL couldn’t get it taken care of? Where the eff was the entire marketing and PR apparatus?

  4. This is crazy. Wonder how long it would of lasted -_-

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