As you can see, we're still not in our official studio. Any day now.

As you can see, we’re still not in our official studio. Any day now.

Hi there! Noon, Goldsbie and I found out as the intro started playing that today was our 100th EPISODE WEEEEEEE!

And I think we had a pretty decent show. We covered:

* The Hawks scoring first

* The no-goal call

* Brent Seabrook and his OT winner

* Detroit’s surprising year

* Kings/Blackhawks

* Penguins/Bruins

* And more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (13)

  1. You guys really should do video podcasts. I’d love to see how agitated Jake gets during some of the discussions.

  2. Super Nintendo Hjalmarsson was coined at Second City Hockey. It was stolen from there.

  3. And congrats on 100 episodes! I believe I have been here for at least 90 of them.

  4. So Justin, I realize you dislike the Royals for what they did you you, but could you at least give the current team props for winning the Kelly Cup this year? I know you are a bigger man than to let past management and team members keep you from acknowledging a great season this year, and how much we the fans appreciate the team.

    We, the fans of the Reading Royals, finally have the CUP!

    PS, Love the blog, site and podcast’s!

  5. and if you already did give them props, I apologize, it has been a long two months following them thru the playoffs, day trips to Cincinnati to see game 5 there etc.

  6. Thank you for finally giving the wings as a team props for this season… For a while there it was a lot of “they shouldn’t be doing this” “they can’t be doing this” “they won’t be doing this” type of attitude and its good to hear reason prevailed :)

  7. I will refer to them as Tane and Kowes from now on.

  8. As a guy who’s forward role is forechecking and causing a mess in front of the net – I loved that pinch. A good forecheck throws the D into chaos (I think JB wrote a post on forwards creating chaos), and that’s exactly what happened there. The look on Kronwall’s face proves it. Kudos to Goldsbie for bringing it up.

  9. how long did it take to do that intro?

  10. Not sure which one said that Vokoun was letting in 2.5 goals per game. Um, no. He’s letting in 1.85. Big difference. The Penguins as a team are letting 2.55 goals per game, but saddling Vokoun with Fleury’s terrible numbers is ridiculous.

  11. Fantastic work on the podcast. Is there an archive somewhere? Earlier in the year I tried getting episodes from last year’s playoffs but I couldn’t find them online.

    I would definitely be interested in listening to the episodes I missed out on.

  12. You guys full-on use ProTools for podcast? Awesome. Production quality shows.

  13. Grats on 100 fellas.

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