Game 7. The Red Wings survive a late scare. In Chicago. Chance for an upset. Henrik Zetterberg rises from the bench to head to the dressing room to regroup, get some fluids in him, discuss the game plan, and focus.

Pierre McGuire asks him for an interview.

Mike Commodore approves.

 (S/t to Kody Yoshy)

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  1. Zetterberg took a stand, and glad he did. These NBC announcers and interviewers has been trashing the Wings all year long, and especially during this Hawks series. And, any Wings’ player should not give any interviews to NBC until these announcers are replaced or start being professional.

    • Most of them are fine.

      Olczyk is the only one who has no business doing national games that involve the Hawks or Pens. How many times will we hear him talk about the opponent’s “subtle intereference?”

  2. Awesome!!! Frick’n waste of air McGuire.

  3. I’m no McGuire fan (I can actually remember the first time I heard him on, I thought it was Bob McKenzie’s voice at first and was like “I didn’t realize Bob was such a blowhard”), but Commodore’s hashtagging seems a bit harsh from a player?

  4. Also not a fan of the interviews during play or right after periods but i think its worth mentioning that Zetterberg had just played the final minute of the 3rd period and was probably out of gas to the extent that explains the facial expression and was more or less denying the interview with the head shake while short of breath. I wouldn’t classify this as a scoffing but more of a tired guy eager to get back to the dressing room. Still a poor choice by Pierre to subject him though.

    • You can see Z mouth the word, “now”? and shake his head as he turns and walks away. Im pretty sure he was more tired of McGuire than from playing the 3rd period.

      • I caught this last night too and agree with Helvetica – it was probably far too loud for an interview, plus the intermission is shorter going to OT I believe, plus he’s about to play the biggest period (or less) that he’s played in the last 4 years, so I don’t blame him at all for blowing him off.

  5. You can’t really blame McGuire for trying to get that interview (it is his job afterall). But not surprised by Zetterberg’s reaction at all.

  6. What’s the big deal? A media guy doing his job and a player declining an interview. Would the reaction be the same if this happened to Ferraro or McKenzie or whoever?

    • But but but we get to make fun of McGuire! (but really I agree with you, nothing to see here, move along)

    • I’m 99% this is a violation of the terms of NHL’s contract with NBC, though I doubt there will be a penalty.

      It’s not the same as declining an interview with the beat writer on your day off.

  7. Not a big fan of McGuire, but two things occur to me.

    1. Commodore has no business criticizing anybody. McGuire, for all his faults, is lightyears better at his job than Commodore is at his. I’m sure McGuire’s compensation is also more appropriate for his ability in his respective industry. This would be like Ville Leino telling Bill O’Reilly he’s overpaid. You got no room to talk, buddy.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, NHL clubs are required to provide NBC with a player to interview between periods and one interview with a coach per game. This is why Tortorella will talk to McGuire during the game (though all he says is “go jump in a lake”). He may not have liked some of the obligations of his former job, but at least he did them, even if he protests while doing them.

    So in this sense, Zetterberg’s being a bigger baby than Torts, which is not something any Captain should ever allow to be said about him.

  8. Ha Ha McGuire, you irritating little loser….I saw this when it happened on TV, this was one of those tiny priceless moments of precious heaven that are worth watching a whole game for………can’t wait for some coach or hockey player to crack him during one of those useless, un-insightful, game interrupting interviews. …..please someone, hire McGuire as your GM or asst. coach, stickboy. whatever, (I’m pretty sure he auto applies for any and every NHL job openings) to get him away from the tube and my life…

  9. I don’t understand the widespread hatred for Pierre McGuire. I think he does an okay job. Seems to me that there’s a certain level of group-think among hockey fans in the twittersphere. One idiot calls McGuire a “blowhard” and the other sheep follow. This is being blown way out of proportion.

    • McGuire knows his stuff, but it’s hard to dispute that he’s

      a. annoying
      b. creepy
      c. annoying and creepy

  10. As far as the Z video, I don’t think he was out of breath. He was literally flabbergasted as to why Pierre would pick the team captain, the pull aside for an interview, during the intermission before SCP overtime. What captain in their right mind would’ve done an interview then? Or maybe Pierre was trying to distract the Wings or give an edge, but it’s unrealistic to expect an interview then and if it wasn’t malicious and he was that oblivious then he may not be as hockey savvy as he claims.

  11. Guess he wasnt Turtley enough for the Red Wings Turtle club. I honestly dont know how anyone Cant hate Mcguire, hes ruined every game ive ever tried and watched with his annoying useless comments (calling players “studs” constantly sucking on Crosby or Phaneufs cock for the littlest things) how he goes crazy everytime theres to many men on the ice…and wtf is an “active stick” just all around piece of shit.

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