San Jose Sharks v Los Angeles Kings - Game One

This isn’t news to you at this point, but Raffi Torres is not somebody who learns a quick lesson. He hit someone illegally then got suspended for it then hit some one then got suspended for it then hit so…I could go on for awhile.

His latest foray into suspension territory was a head shot he dropped on Jarret Stoll, who missed the entire second round of playoffs because of it. Torres sat out with him, removing himself from action which forced him to watch his team lose a tight playoff series by a single goal. That must’ve been awfully painful, so you have to think he found himself in constant regret for his error which potentially cost him and his team a series victory.

Hahahaha, naw, I’m kidding with you, he’d drop that shoulder into Stoll’s head again.

“I still feel like it was a clean hit. I didn’t do anything that I don’t think I’ll do again.”

“I didn’t do anything I don’t think I’ll do a…”…this motherf….hold me back. Hold me back. I’m gonna kill this guy.

Honestly, even a puppy stops pooping indoors after enough lessons, yet for some reason this veteran player can’t stop s****ing all over the NHL.

“Obviously, it’s tough when he’s kind of in a vulnerable position, but I feel like I did my best to stay within the guidelines.”

Not good enough.

I’ve never said Raffi Torres isn’t a good hockey player. He is. But he’s also pretty clearly an idiot. At the very least lie and say you’re regretful and reformed, dude.

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  1. I’ll start off with stating my Chicago bias, but you can’t deny that Torres is the master of the glancing head contact. He finds a way to come across a players body and get a little something on the noggin. Did anyone really think he was going to do a Matt Cooke 180?

  2. What a dirtbag.

    Incidentally, a small-yet-important quibble: “removing himself from action” means that Torres sat of his own will, voluntarily. (“Himself” is reflexive and makes the object and subject of the verb the same – “self-removed.”) Since he was suspended by the league you should just write “removing him from action…” or, more succinctly, “removed from action and forced to watch…”

    • I think the point is that himself’s own deeds are what led to himself’s being removed from the action. As opposed the NHL randomly selecting a player to sit out in a bizarre The-Lottery-by-Shirley-Jackson type of thing.

  3. Get that **** out of the league before he kills someone.

  4. Why should he change when his employer (the Sharks) came out and said the NHL was wrong and they support him. Matt Cooke was told his future was in jeopardy so he had to change. The Sharks supported him and spoke out in his defense.

    • It was wrong that the league took Torres out for the full series. If hockey allows hits then why suspend a guy for making a very big one? Either remove hits from the game or just let the guys play. Oh, right, bye-bye ratings if they do take it out.

      • well, he did make head contact and he has a suspension history. So I think this pretty much explains it.

        • If the guy who you hit and injured also thinks that it was just a hockey plan I can see resistance for wanting to change.

  5. “…this motherf….hold me back. Hold me back. I’m gonna kill this guy.”

    speaking my mind right there, mr. bourne.

  6. The guy has now managed to seriously concuss an opponent, bad enough to make them miss games, in three straight postseasons. The idea that any of it is at all accidental or that he might be the least bit sorry is kind of a ridiculous one.

  7. This one made me laugh.

  8. You need calm the fuck down and learn a little bit about the game of hockey before going and writing this ridiculous article! Worst journalist ever. Your wanna kill raffi? For a clean hit?phsyco. Your a joke man im not saying raffi is a honest and fair player but that hit was OBVIOUSLY not dirty. Shanahan has always been inconsistant and still is! Hes the one that should be gone from the NHL!!!

    • Really dude? Mr. Needs to learn a little bit about the game of hockey, played D1 college hockey, and in the minor pros. He was raised by an nhl player. Suffice to say he knows a hell of a lot more about hockey than you do.

    • You know that Justin played several years of college and ECHL hockey, right? And his dad won the Stanley Cup 4 times? If you think the hit was legit, think that, but this guy knows his fucking hockey.

    • Right, son of Bob Bourne (4 time cup winner), son-in-law to Clark Fucking Gillies, and life long hockey player needs to “learn a little bit about the game of hockey.”

      What’s the weather like in your universe?

  9. what a terrible and biased article. is this what sports reporting has come to? 0/10

  10. Raffi needs to get a Marty McSorely, Todd Bertuzzi lifetime achievement award. Maybe a year’s worth of lost earnings will get his attention, since getting chucked from a playoff series his team would go onto lose clearly didn’t.

  11. As a Kings fan, I don’t think he was going head hunting or intended to headshot Stoll.

    It just looked like a big hit and he missed a bit.

    Because of the tighter rules on head contact and his suspension history, I do think he could have done a bit more to soften up that hit to avoid head contact though. He’s gotta know he’s walking a fine line every time he makes a big hit. His line into Stoll could have been a tad to the left where the rest of his body was.

  12. Dumb article. Clean hit. You don’t know jack.

  13. The shoulder was principle point of contact on that hit, not the head.

    An interesting thing about Shanahan’s video for the suspension is that it had about 5x the amount of explanation as any other video. They were digging down 20ft to bury the body on this one and make sure they could justify taking him out of the round.

    I mean as soon as it happened you knew, clean or not, he was gone at least a few games if not the series by default. If this was really a dirty hit he would’ve been gone for the playoffs.

    • Principle doesn’t mean “initial.” Stoll got a concussion because his head took the brunt of it. And if Torres had been a little more careful, both players would have stayed in the series, to the delight of their clubs. One would think Torres could put in extra effort to take the body all the time, since he was lucky to still have a place in the league.

      But no, he doesn’t learn.

  14. Honestly, if you want to right an article about a topic such as this, watch the video before hand or get some glasses because you’re obviously blind or just belligerent towards the game of hockey. A) Hit was as shoulder on shoulder could be. B) The reason this hit was so bad was not because it was a dirty hit on Torres’ part but because Stoll left himself in a vulnerable position. Now your thought to this may be, “well if he’s in a vulnerable position Torres shouldn’t have hit him.” The first thing you learn in pee wee hockey about hitting is to NOT put yourself in a vulnerable position. We are accountable for our own vulnerability on the ice. Now there are certain instances where this is unavoidable but this is not one of them. So please, if you are intelligent at all you will never make another such article without the little ounce of knowledge about the sport and never again under any circumstance make such an absurd comment such as, “…this motherf….hold me back. Hold me back. I’m gonna kill this guy.” That is absolutely asinine.

    • I love how you use the phrase “you’re obviously…belligerent towards the game of hockey” and then close with “That is absolutely asinine” with no sense of irony.

    • Good thing you’re here to tell me how legal this check was and that the author is just a hater.

      That detailed slo-mo video breakdown from a soon-to-be-hall-of-famer almost had me convinced that Torres did something bad yet again.

      Luckily you, Tormas, were here to set me straight with such keen insights as “get some glasses because you’re obviously blind or just belligerent towards the game of hockey”

  15. Just to clarify, I hate Raffi and as a Sharks fan I am seriously pissed that they want to keep him.

    But – this hit happens on a regular basis and it isn’t just Raffi doing it. He hits the shoulder on a player whose head is way down and contact with the head follows. I know we all hate Raffi (me too), but what exactly is the standard here? Brad Stuart blew up Landeskog earlier this year with a similar result, and the league said it was fine. Landeskog’s head was down, etc, injury was an unfortunate result of a hockey play. Most people seemed to agree that it was a good hard hit with a bad result. What if Raffi had thrown it? What would be the conversation then?

    I think Raffi is still a dirtbag, but this hit really isn’t his usual. He goes in on Stoll with the shoulder dropped, keeps his elbow tucked on the follow through, and doesn’t leave his feet. A Torres Special is him going in like a freight train and exploding straight into the head with elbows flying.

    If he’s confused about what the standard is for legal hitting, well, me too. Until the league figures it out, I can’t be that pissed about his comment.

    • It’s not that hard. Hitting a guy in the head is off limits now. Whether you hit the shoulder initially and then get the head on the follow through, or whether you hit the head first does not matter.

      Head = Off limits.

  16. This is the first and last article I will ever read on the Score. Completely bias and incorrect. And I hate the Sharks.

  17. Abdelkader should of been suspended throughout the entire Ducks series since Torres was. His hit on Lydman was worse

  18. This is an extremely unprofessional article. You sound like a 15 year old kid, have you ever written anything above an 8th grade level? Look at this, “Hahahaha, naw, I’m kidding with you…” What is that? Am I truly to take you as a serious writer? ““I didn’t do anything I don’t think I’ll do a…”…this motherf….hold me back. Hold me back. I’m gonna kill this guy.”- What is this?! This is something a child would say, not a writer who wants someone to take them seriously.
    The list can go on and on. “yet for some reason this veteran player can’t stop s****ing all over the NHL.” Really? I bet you’ve never been there…. “Not Good Enough”- For who? You? No one cares about you, stop making it what you think and report facts. “But he’s also pretty clearly an idiot.”- You’re the one who looks like a CLEAR idiot, educate yourself on how to report, and write articles this is just atrocious. Furthermore, Go BlackHawks!

  19. Torres is a beast! And can do what the fuck he wants. Fuck this blog

  20. Wow what a poorly written article. I will point out that Stoll also believed the hit was a clean hit. I will also point out that through 40 games this season Torres only had 17 penalty minutes. And only 4 in 11 games (where he also had 2 goals and 4 assists) as a Shark.

    I’m a Sharks fan and would love him to be back on the team next season. The Sharks played better and faster whit him on the team. I really believe he could have made a difference in the series vs. the kings. In game 7 the kings were hitting anything and everything and the Sharks just took it but never pushed back.

    The NHL is going the way of the NFL. It’s full of crybabys. The NHL needs more Torres’ and Ovechkin’s and Roenicks. They make the game fun and exciting.

  21. raffi doesn’t add to the game. he just destroys talent on cup contending teams.

    the head shots aren’t accidents or near misses. they are part of a carefully crafted art.

    raise your hand if you want to see you team’s chances to win a cup taken away by an illegal hit to one of your team’s star players by some marginal talent 4th liner on his 3rd team trying to stay in the league by faking toughness.

    now tell me again how the issue is about people being crybabies.

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