From, via Chris Lund. Jagr arriving in Pittsburgh on June 20th, 1990.

Jagr arriving in Pittsburgh on June 20th, 1990. From, via Chris Lund.

I find Jaromir Jagr immensely fascinating.

There’s the skill that’s taken him to 8th all-time in NHL scoring. I’ve described him as the metal frame that makes up one of those quick-assemble gazebos: he can be compact and portable, then quickly become wide and lanky, holding off defenders without a thought while deciding what to do with the puck. That’s him in his present form though, as his younger days were more about dangles, sharp cuts and general domination.

There’s the personality, which we get in flashes of greatness, occasionally muddled with surliness.

There’s the mystique, and what I presume to be general selfishness. How could he sign with the Flyers? What goes on in this man’s head?

And through all that, there’s the general air of zero f***s given, as if none of this – his legacy in Pittsburgh, in the NHL, or as a person – ever crosses his mind. He is who he is and he does what he does. And sadly, he doesn’t have too many NHL games left in him after being a part of nearly 1600 total.

He’ll be returning to Pittsburgh with the Bruins this weekend, and there’s no guaranteeing he’ll be back there as a player again after this upcoming series. I have a hunch he could be a real problem for the Pens. Either way, we should probably enjoy it as much as I enjoy the picture at the top of this post. Or hell, as much as I enjoy this amazing outfit of Jagr’s. The NHL hasn’t seen too many like him.