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Sunday Funnies is a feature brought to you by Stevie Roxelle, because hockey is actually a pretty fun game and we run enough “here’s a terribly violent hit” posts here at Backhand Shelf.

Stevie Roxelle is a talented illustrator, cartoonist and biologist that currently lives in Sharks territory. You can find more of her work at the webcomic Biscuit Fox and at her online print shop, and you can follow her on twitter @stevieroxelle. Captions are her comments, enjoy!



(Click to embiggen.)

Comments (8)

  1. man these comics are terrible.

    • Yea, I gotta agree with this.

      Not just not funny, but poorly done.

      Protip: Put the text bubble over the picture, not behind it. Obfuscating the joke doesn’t help.

  2. does this stevie roxelle person understand the concept of humor? these comics are drawings of barely recognizable people talking inanely about subjects that weren’t necessarily funny in the first place.

  3. These read like a high school project gone awry.

  4. I liked it. What’s wrong with you people?

  5. i made my own. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done.

  6. I agree with Me. I liked it.

  7. If I may.. go to her site and read the serial comic. She’s telling stories heavy on irony. I beleive her sense of humour is more Dennis Miller than Eddie Murphy.

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