NHL, NBC Sports and Crumbs Bake Shop Celebrate Start of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Happy Friday! We were joined by a special guest today, Mr. Clark Gillies. We talked with him about:

* Fighters in hockey today

* Nystrom pushing for Gillies/Behn Wilson round two

* The Isles playoff push, and their eventual move to Brooklyn

* The trade for Butch Goring

* And much, much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (8)

  1. more like this please. I could listen to former players tell stories for hours.

  2. Great one guys, lots of fun to hear the old stories.

  3. That was awesome. If there was a trophy for beerability it would be named the Clark Gillies trophy.

  4. As a Bruins fan, it’s hard to think of an opposing player I respected and admired as much as Gillies. A skilled player who was one of the toughest players of his time. And more importantly for a podcast, a great interview too!

  5. One of your best podcasts ever. Clark tells it like it is, and like it was! Not too “leafy”, either…

  6. Loved this episode of the podcast. Love hearing all the stories from a champion like Gillies.

    Also, beerability at its finest.

  7. Loved this interview and the one with Justin’s dad. You guys should make this a regular thing. Maybe have a Stanley Cup champ on from 20 years ago once a month or something.

  8. my all time favorite player.
    can’t put into words how much i enjoyed watching him.

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