The good folks over at the website Icethetics do a nice job getting potential jersey concepts out there before teams drop them on the public, and today they were back at it. Carolina’s big reveal is next on the docket, and the team has been releasing some teasers of late, so Icethetics took a couple shots at their potential new looks today based on those. They look, um…a lot like their old ones. I do like the use of the black though.

carolina 2

There’s a third option over at Icethetics that I don’t care for as much because it doesn’t have the stripes on the bottom which are pretty sharp. You can see it, and get more info over at the site.

(S/t @SeanGentille)

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  1. Given the pattern on some of the striping in the teaser pictures, I think they might have a very ‘Hockey Canadaish’ feel to them. Specifically the striping on the bottom of the jerseys.

  2. Terrible. Why are most teams in the league doing the boring and plain stripes with the shoulders filled in look? Looks cheap

  3. I read somewhere they plan on keeping the hurricane flags on the socks. IMO the best thing about their jerseys was the hurricane flag that acted as the bottom jersey stripe. Hope they keep it somewhere on the new ones.

  4. better be careful, looking very close to the Devils jerseys

  5. Aren’t all teams required to have either red or black as their primary colors? I hear the Maple Leafs are next in line, figuring that Losing Blue is out in favor of Winning Red and Championship Black.

  6. if by looking very close to the devils jerseys you mean they have red white and black in them, then sure, they look extremely close. they do not look any other teams in the NHL. they are simple and look good. look at the redwings jerseys. simple. they look great. always have. always will.

  7. From the back they look identical to Hockey Canada.

  8. if this is about jersey sales they should do something similar to the nba when they wore throwbacks, not this yrs version where they wore teams jerseys from the 90s, but for instance when the lakers wore Minneapolis Lakers. i think itd be nice for the fans and jersey enthusiasts to have a toronto st. pats, montreal maroons, cali golden seals, whalers, etc. but with current players on it. it would def help with merchandise sales and if teams used them as third jerseys they would keep their nostalgia since they would rarely be worn. as for these carolina jerseys theyre fine, conservative and pretty standard. would have liked to see a little bit more change to go along with the teams new roster and outlook.

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