You’re going to be seeing a lot more Patrick Roy in the next few years given his new role(s) with the Colorado Avalanche, so it seems like a fitting enough time to look back on the mark he’s already left on the NHL. Never a dull moment with this guy.

My only beef with the list: #10 should be higher. I love that move so much (as does Jake Goldsbie).

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  1. The two phrases blasting out of my mouth on any night you may have caught me watching Roy play (and I made a point of seeing a lot of games in which he played) were:

    A) “Fuck me…Un-Be-Lievable!” – Whenever he made a circus-like stop on a sure-looking (bet the farm) shot (seemingly destined to result in a goal) OR when he got scored on for his bored, mindless, wholly-unnecessary wandering and hotdogging.

    B) “Jesus Christ! Quit FUCKING around!” – For his bored, mindless, wholly-unnecessary wandering and hotdogging (sometimes resulting in: See previously-referenced quote.).

    He was eternally (and trandscendentally) entertaining. He gave me manhole cover-sized ulcers during the 2001 playoffs…Love him all to hell.

  2. #4 is my favourite NHL moment of all time; The Mouth J.R. gets his come-uppance by a great burn, and on top of that Roy goes on to win another of those shiny silver mugs that Roenick can only dream of lifting.

  3. If not the best ever, certainly in the top three.

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