Really no reason pads need to extend that high.

Really no reason pads need to extend that high.

The next time the NHL’s competition committee meets, they will once again be talking about scaling back the size of goalie equipment. And as long as they can keep goaltenders safe, I’m fully on-board.

It seems like what they’re talking about is shortening the length at the top of the pad, which would allow for a bigger five-hole, which means more leg-squeeze, which means more room on the sides. What it seems like, is a plan that would create a few more goals that wouldn’t take away from goaltender safety. Tough to complain about that.

Kevin Woodley of InGoal Magazine met with Cory Schneider, the lone goalie representing the players, who will be at the meetings. In that post, he talks about the proposed changes, which include:

1. Continued use of the individual sizing chart, but with a reduction in the thigh rise from 55 per cent of each goalie’s measurement from the knee to hip, down to 40 per cent. The NHL targeted a 50 per cent maximum eight years ago, but it was negotiated up to 55 per cent by the NHLPA.

Given the average total measurement in the League is around 20 inches, a 15 per cent reduction would equate to three lost inches in pad height. Of course that is three inches per pad, and given most goalies use the top of these pads to close the 5-hole when they are down on the ice, that could mean an additional six-inch opening.

2. A fixed maximum for every goalie above the knee, likely between seven and eight inches. This would eliminate the sizing chart for thigh rise, and instead fix a maximum height for every goalie’s pad above the knee. Using the average 20-inch knee-to-hip measurement, an eight-inch maximum would be the same as a 40 per cent maximum.

Six extra inches of five hole sounds pretty darn good.

As noted by Pro Hockey Talk, the League may also evaluate ways goalies personally alter their gear.

You can check that post to get some great quotes from Schneider, and learn about the direction the rule changes are going.