Dallas Stars v Vancouver Canucks

Elliotte Friedman was first out with the news today (or so I think, not that it really matters), but it sounds like it’s official: visors will be grandfathered into the NHL.

What “grandfathered” means in this case is that if you don’t wear one now and you’re already an NHL player, you’ll never be forced to put on one. But all rookies coming into the league from now on will, which really isn’t a big deal. Wherever they’re coming from already made them wear one (or a cage), so they’ll survive. And their eyes will too!

I’ve been writing about grandfathering in visors for awhile now. I’m in favour. A few other tidbits:

Elliotte also says a committee will be formed to investigate the goalie equipment debate, and finally…

So there you have it. Changes ahead.

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  1. Yay!

    I’m not a traditionalist in that I prefer watching skill than an ability to throw awkward, off-balance punches for no reason other than to posture as a thug, and I like people keeping their eyes in case they need them after playing hockey.

  2. Sanity finally breaks out. The net companies will love the new rule, as every rink will want/need to buy new cages…

  3. As for the nets, there really is no reason for the base to be as big as it is. Is there a way to angle the posts and crossbar so that they funnel post shots into the net? I think one way to increase scoring is to turn more posts into goals with some subtle design changes.

    The visor thing was going to happen one way or another.

    • That is something I had never thought about, but seems like a good idea. Even if you turned half or a quarter of the post and crossbar shots into goals, there would be a heck of a lot more goals.

    • You’d need to keep a rounded edge facing out to protect players who crash into the post. Still could figure something out, I’m sure, but it could be triangular or anything, too dangerous.

    • They don’t want to increase scoring, they just want to increase intensity behind the net.

  4. Shallow nets also make the refs job harder. Not an NHL problem, but if it carries over to other levels of the game, it’ll be annoying.

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