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Unlike the Carolina Hurricanes new jerseys, which are very similar to their old ones, the Dallas Stars new digs are different. I think I really like them, too.

At the very least they’re a stark contrast to, oh, every other jersey in the league, and they aren’t too busy. I don’t even mind the logo, where a lot of other people do. The circle patch on the shoulder is meh, but whatever. Overall thumbs up.

The Stars have new jerseys, and they’re better than anything they’ve ever sported…since moving from Minnesota.

Here’s the pants:


The Stars apparently looked at over 250 jersey options. Which seems excessive.

(S/t to Sporting News)

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  1. Hurricanes win with regards to managing the reveal – no accidental leaks! Great use of social media! – but the Stars have the better jersey design.

  2. I respectfully disagree with you Bourne, I think EA Sports comes up with better basic logo/uniform combos. The color isn’t so much the problem but that logo just looks reductive. It’s almost as if they ditched the blue from the Whalers old jerseys and slapped on that logo. I think the the whole thing would be better if they switched the Texas/pant logo with the front logo.

  3. Love them. Went away from the darker colors. And the logo looks like something that would come out of Texas

  4. these are hideous. worst jerseys in the NHL

    • What ?!? Come on now, how can that be the worst in the league ! Worst than Florida, Pittsburgh or Colorado ? Really ???

    • Florida, Colorado, Calgary, Lumbus, Kings Black (snooze), Preds Yellow, Carolina, Phoenix, Anaheim, Minny Red, Winnipeg…could all be considered as bad/ worse than this depending on who you ask. Maybe it’s just me but it seems like a natural fit for the time considering where the franchise has been and wants to go, as well as what jersey styles have been regaining popularity in recent years

  5. Awesome colour choice in the emerald green. Those will look pretty sharp out there. The logo isn’t bad either but the silver D on the silver star is kind of hard to read.

  6. for going through 250 seems odd they picked the most beer league ones.

  7. Nice to know however bad how team sucks, and yes we do that! Still lovely to know we have the best jerseys in all of sports, right Kevin Smith? Go Oilers Go!

  8. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! CHANGE THE TEAM BACK TO THE HUSKIES! KEEP THE CLAW AND MAKE IT A HUSKIE CLAW, ITS GENIOUS! And then we have maple leaf entertainment and both teams can support the blue and white team colors.
    You want to show up something new is starting here, that’s some pretty hard convincing, I bet to your season ticket holders too.. what would be a good way of making some extra money? Change us back to when we first entered the league. Add a little flair to the unis you should a couple years ago with the huskie claw instead on a Dino claw!. would work perfectly and the fans would appreciate the effort, that’s what this fan base thrives off of, effort.. guys that bring their lunch pales and this would be a way to show you care! NAME CHANGE, NAME CHANGE, NAME CHANGE! I could at least watch a team crap the bed for a couple more season, at least in some new threads!

  9. My only issue is with the logo – it looks out of place. Not enough green in it, which is really noticeable on the road jersey. It doesn’t blend in.

  10. From a distance, ie from the stands, the new logo looks like a gigantic bullet entry hole. This is what 18,000 fans will see every time they play in these jerseys. Quite appropriate for a US city…

  11. I’ve been a die-hard Stars fan since I was 8 years old. Though the jerseys don’t look that great, I say its a good move. The Stars need a change, and this might bring in a new fanbase. Look at the Jays in Toronto; In 2012, they brought in a new group of fans when they got a new logo and team colours.

  12. I kinda like the green, but I would prefer seeing how it actually looks on a player before giving final judgements

  13. These are pretty terrible, the logo looks like the generic ones EA creates for NHL. These honestly just look like created jerseys in NHL.

  14. I like these jerseys, but holy crap do they look identical to Chicago with green replacing red

  15. F up

  16. Definitely an improvement over what they had. Particularly the lack of text and numbers on the front, and the fact that they actually make use of a primary color that is unique to them within the league. That said, they elevated from a terrible jersey to a mediocre jersey. Still, it’s an improvement.

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